Bakrid – History and Significance

The festival of Bakrid is one of the very prominent and special festivals of all Muslims, and this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and love among all Muslims.

The festival of Bakrid is considered a festival of sacrifice, and it is a custom to sacrifice goats among all Muslims on this festival. Therefore every year, this festival is celebrated by all the Muslim community with great joy and enthusiasm.

There is also a consideration for this Eid among all Muslims to share the Eidi on this festival. All the elders give Eidi to their little ones this day and also give many blessings.

The festival of Bakrid is also known by many other names, and especially this festival is also called Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Adha means the Eid of Qurbani (Sacrifice). The festival of Bakrid is celebrated every year by all Muslims with great enthusiasm and joy.

The festival of Bakrid comes seventy days after the end of the holy month of Ramadan, and all the preparations of Bakrid festival also start in all the houses before the time of the festival. This festival is also known as Eid-e-Qurban, which means the spirit of sacrifice and recitation of prayers.

The festival of Bakrid is very special, and it is believed that the reason behind celebrating this festival is that A person named Hazrat Ibrahim sacrificed his son Hazrat Ismail at the behest of God. However, Allah had saved his son Hazrat Ismail by seeing the courage to sacrifice his dear son and gave him life. The festival of Bakrid means Cow in the Arabic language and in Hindi or Urdu this is called Goat.

This festival is celebrated wholeheartedly by all Muslims and There are some major countries where this festival is celebrated in a very special manner with a lot of enthusiasm, love, and happiness.

These are some of the countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. and in these countries the festival of Bakrid especially known as ‘Bakra Eid.’ There are observations of sacrificing animals like Cow, Sheep, Camel, Goat, Buffalo, etc. at the festival of bakrid.

At the festival of Bakrid, all Muslims go to the mosque and offer Namaz with all their heart, and all the devotees of Allah pray Eid-ul-Adha and remember Allah (God) wholeheartedly with all love and devotion.

In this festival, goats are sacrificed in all the Muslims, who have been reared or nurtured and keep that goat in their home with love some months before when this festival came and First of all, offer this sacrifice to Allah and then they have that non-veg and also distribute this with the poor people. Food and clothes are also donated to poor people on the festival of Bakrid.

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On this festival, recitation of namaz is offered to Allah and also recitation of takbeer is done by all the people. And just as a sacrifice is very important in Hindus, the sacrifice of this festival is also very important for all Muslims. And all the people give Eidi on this day and get hugged by each other and celebrate together this festival with love and happiness and children are also given Eidi on this day.

Bakrid - History

History of Bakrid

There is a historical and ancient story behind the festival of Bakrid, after which all the Muslims celebrate that day like a festival of Bakrid every year.  This story is the story of a sacrifice, which is very surprising to hear about.

Once, there was a person who was named Hazrat Ibrahim. Hazrat Ibrahim was also called the Child of Allah. Once, God ordered Hazrat to sacrifice his most precious thing and said that only then would he be happy with Hazrat. And Hazrat Ibrahim accepted this order with great respect. At that time, everyone was eager to know what the precious thing of Hazrat Ibrahim was. Then everyone came to know that the thing was his son Hazrat Ismail.

Everyone was very surprised to know this. And after this, the time of sacrifice was gradually coming closer. One day when the day of sacrifice came, Hazrat Ibrahim prepared himself. This was very difficult and painful for him to do.

Hazrat Ismail was also told about the sacrifice, and Hazrat Abraham tied the bandage on his eyes because he could not see his beloved son like this, and he sacrificed his life.

After this, when Hazrat removed the bandage from his eyes, he saw that his beloved son was alive, and in his place, Hazrat Ibrahim’s beloved goat was sacrificed. And all this was done due to the grace of Allah, he had done this miracle and accepted the sacrifice of a goat in place of his son, and Allah (God) was very happy to see this sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim.

There is a very traditional practice on the festival of Bakrid, and this is something like this, all the Muslim people many days ago, the goats or other animals like cow buffalo camel, etc. are taken care of that animal very lovingly in their home and nurturing is also done by all family members of that goat or animal. And Staying with anything for so many days gets all the emotions attached to that animal, and he joins the dear ones. After this, when the Bakrid festival comes, it becomes very difficult to sacrifice that animal, and Allah is pleased by sacrificing that precious animal.

Significance of Bakrid

The festival of Bakrid is celebrated by all Muslims with great love and joy every year throughout the country, and especially in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Among all the Muslims and Islam religion. The festival of Bakrid is one of the most special festivals and also has a great significance for the Islam religion.

Many special preparations are made for the festival of Bakrid and are celebrated with full love with the whole family and all the known people. All people give gifts and Eidi to each other at the festival in Bakrid, and food and clothes are donated to poor people. The festival of Bakrid is celebrated with great love and union with all the people, and this festival is also considered a symbol of love and peace.

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