Children’s Day – History, Significance & Rights of Children

Children are celebrated on 14 November every year. In the remembrance of Jawaharlal Nehru. In 1925 the first promulgated in geneva during the world conference on child conference about the proposal of international children’s day.

But in India, it is celebrated on 14 November in the memorial of our former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth anniversary every year.

Hence he was popularly known as cha-cha Nehru because he was very popular among the kids and loved by the children very much.

World children’s day was first introduced in 1954 as universal world children’s day, which is celebrated on 20 November worldwide to preeminent the coincidentally and raise the spirit of love of children among themselves.

And as well for the awareness for increasing the welfare kiddo.

World children Day

As the world children, the day is celebrated on 20 November because it an important date for the UN General Assembly adopted children’s attachment of rights.

In 1989 when the UN General Assembly adopted the convention of rights of the child.

World children’s day encourages promotion and celebrates world children’s day. And by this, they are promoting the children by their actions and themes to create a world for tomorrow for themselves and well for others as well.

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Children's Day - History, Significance

Who started the children’s day?

Before 1964 India also celebrated children’s day on 20 November as observed by the UN. But after the death of the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Hence his death of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1964. It was decided that his birth anniversary would be celebrated as children’s day.

Nehru Ji was a great administrator. Nehru also made the establishment in children welfare. Especially in educational reforms like setting up the institution like AIIMS, IIM, and IIT.

Nehru has left behind the legacy of educational reform for the children in India.

He only said children of today would only make India tomorrow.

Making an action from now for today worlds will make a better future tomorrow.

He was called chacha Ji.

There is no reason for such legal coinage of the term cha Ji; it is purely by the love of children for the Nehru Ji that made the children call him Chacha Ji. He even assists Mahama Gandhi as his elder. Hence Gandhi Ji was called Bapu, and Jawaharlal Nehru was called cha-cha.

Children's Day - History


In schools and colleges, they organize various functions and programs to rejuvenate the children.

Right for children

Right to compulsory education for children 6 -14 years.

Right for children that they do not do labor work.

Right to education.

Nehru’s vision was always right for the education system he vision only made the way through today’s big institutions like AIIMS.etcs.

The institute set up by him knows as the renowned institute today for the world know the best education.

This makes every child feeling of being a child to be proud of whatever they are there doing in life and nurturing towards education.

And this way, adult keeps children happy by celebrating children days.

Children’s day is also known as ball divas. The Jawaharlal Nehru, which is popularly known as Chacha Nehru, was fond of children and rose.

Children's Day - History, Significance & Rights of Children

Significance of children’s day.

Children are the main key for any successful development and raising awareness among the children that each child is special in his ways.

Every child is very special to their parents. Hence they should celebrate their children’s presence.

Being the prime minister of India, he focused on the political career and focused very much on children and youth.

The educational reforms are done by him, from leading to the formation of big institutes to forming of a good educational curriculum. He was the torchbearer of the education reforms.

His dedication to the welfare of children made him very popular among the children and youth.

The enthusiasm of chacha Ji made him celebrate the children’s days.

Efforts Made by the United Nations

After world war 2, the children of Europe have seen the disaster of the war that has taken place there. Hence the United Nations has taken the step to form organizations that would be taking care of the special children who are in need of food. The name of the organization UNICEF. Formed in 1953, it the permanent member of the UN.

The UNICEF serves over 190 countries and territories.

Their focus area is to reach the most vulnerable and exclude children and to provide them with basic benefits. And affordable facilities.

Social Media interface

This year Google has also taken the initiative to make the doodle for the children’s day. The doodle was showing the child looking up in the sky with glittering stars with a telescope. And the theme was “what inspires you. ”

And proud to say that a cute boy of 4 years from our Mumbai, India won the prize for the best doodle.


The children’s days are celebrated to cheer up today’s children for the contribution they are making with their brilliant ideas to develop the nation for good.

The Jawaharlal Nehru was the only who proposed the idea of setting up of the institution like IIT and AIIMS.

The students from there only are developing new technology and upgrade the older things into new from for better usages.

The doctor and engineers are contributing to the nation. Not only they but every field is growing up with new ideas and innovation.

A new profession is also coming up, which is more likely to take over the older version.

Social media is providing a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents.

Where youtube is providing the stage to show, thereby creating their channel, they show whatever they are good at, whether making funny, real, or motivational videos.

Even for education also and different talents, including different activities on it.

This has made the children of this age more connected with people, and if their talent is real, the public also supports them.

Hence rightly said that nurture your child will become the national pride one day.

The debate is also organized to show that they can hear the thoughts of the children what they think about their nation what innovative ideas they to nourish their nation for good.

After all, the children are the nation builders.

God has provided every child with the same eligibility and brain. It up to the child who makes the brilliance use of his brain for creativeness for the good of the people.

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