Christmas Essay For students – Why We Celebrate Christmas

One of the blessings of the year when it allowed you to celebrate festival among your friends, families and your loved ones. As we all know, India is a country of diversity that promotes traditions, cultures, and religions. It is the most awaited time of a year for students as festivals are around the corner as they are going to get holidays for upcoming festivals. We celebrate Christmas every year like any other festival as it is a part of our culture.

Why We Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a traditional Christian festival where children celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ every year to mark his birth anniversary. This practice was more prevalent in the 20th century among the Christian.

Christmas Essay For  School Students

Christmas is a festival that comes up with a lot of enthusiasm, excitement, glee and liveliness each year and brings to an end of a year on a happy, constructive and optimistic note.

Now, in the 21st century, it becomes the festival that is being celebrated by Christians and non-Christians as well. It is a cultural holiday for non – Christians. Christmas celebrated by schools prior Christmas as the government declared a public holiday on Christmas day. Schools organise different activities related to Christmas festival to make aware students about the cultures of other religions.

Christmas For students

Many Christians commemorate this day by attending church services, organising reunions, spending time with their loved ones, wearing ethnic clothes and eating delicious meals. Outlet, Malls, houses and hotels, put up beautiful Christmas decorations with beautiful lights and festive ornaments that light up the streets. People also light up lamps and lanterns at their residence that brighten up people’s mood. Christmas brought a lot of happiness, excitement, enthusiasm for the students and ignited the spirit amongst them.

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Christmas Day In School

Schools also organise Christmas carnivals that incorporate competitions, activities like fancy dress, baking competition, craft activities, musical performances, games and rides where students dress like a Santa Claus, bake a cake, cookies, chocolates for the teachers and friends. Some schools also plan a visit to the church where they enlighten them about the importance of the Christmas tree, history of Santa Claus, the essence of the festival and how they become a symbol of love and peace.

For students, It is a misconception that an angel Santa Claus would come and bring a lot of gifts for them and give them only if they do good deeds.  That inculcates the habit of sharing and caring amongst the students. Students exchange their present, eats a lot of good food, decorate a tree, participate in games, enjoy the exciting rides and so much more. They relish being with each other, sing Christmas carols together, distribute chocolates, read Christmas stories, decorate Christmas trees and listen to Santa music.

Christmas Essay For School students

Such activities aim to bring a change in the attitude of students and lighten up their mundane life. It is the season of joy but also a season of giving. Most of the people prefer to donate baked cakes, clothes, food, money to the underprivileged people. It prompts you to be more kind towards yourself and to others as well.

Christmas for students is not only a festival, however, but it is also the way where they build and enhance interpersonal skills with each other. Such festivals made them imbibe virtues like goodness, empathy, sympathy, kindness and sharing.

It made them comprehend that if people start accepting one another irrespective of caste, creed, race, sex, gender, the socioeconomic status world will become a much better place to live in. These festivals break all the barriers amongst the religion. On this festival, people embrace shower love and peace on each other. Christmas has to celebrate for students. Christmas conveys a message of fondness, tranquillity, understanding for the students.

Christmas for students is a must celebration as it promotes respect for religion, communal harmony, inclusion, sensitisation towards other festivals, helps to learn, grow and to become a part of the society. Each festival must be celebrated as it has its essence, history, culture, that needs to be propagated amid the students

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