Christmas Wishes, Messages & Quotes

The Christmas festival is a very important and big festival of Christians. Christmas Day is celebrated as the celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ or Jesus. And this festival is celebrated by Christians with great enthusiasm and love.

Christmas festival is celebrated with the same joy and enthusiasm all over the world, and all the Christmas wishes are given to each other with great love.

The Christmas festival is celebrated every year on 25 December and this day is also called ‘big day’. On Christmas day, Christian people celebrate it with great enthusiasm and all over the world.

On this day, Christmas Wishes are sent in many ways. And Christmas celebration brings joy and excitement every year. On Christmas day, Christians celebrate this day in full religious manner and faith and worship Christ.

Christmas celebration is celebrated with great reverence and faith all over the world; everyone wishes each other Happy Christmas wishes with Christmas images online through social media.

The Christmas festival is even more special for all children and all children eagerly wait for this day. Everyone waits for Santa Claus and is very excited about their gifts. All the children with each other Christmas wishes and enjoy the day with happy Christmas wishes and say Happy Christmas to each other and their elders.

Latest Christmas Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Christmas celebrations are celebrated with great joy all over the world. On this day all the Christians go to church at a great time. All Christians pray to Jesus and read the Bible; many religious songs are sung on this day for Christ.

The church is beautifully decorated on the day of the Christmas festival. Everyone prepares for Christmas celebrations several days in advance, cleans the house and decorate the houses very well. Also prepares gifts and cards for Christmas wishes and wishes everyone a very happy Christmas. And  sharing happy Christmas images with beautiful Christmas quotes for Christmas wishes also makes happy Christmas wishes.

And Christmas celebration is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.

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Why is Christmas celebrate

There is a story behind the festival of Merry Christmas which states that – why is Christmas celebrated.

According to this story –

Once there was a young woman named Merry who lived in a city called ‘Nazareth’. When she was not married, God came in her dream and said that,

You will soon give birth to a child, and that child will be part of God and call him Jesus. She got scared after seeing this dream but managed herself by believing in God.

One day Merry met a man named Joseph, who was a carpenter. After some time, Merry and Joseph got married. After marriage, Joseph also had a dream in which Bhagwan tells him that Merry will soon have a child, and at that time, Marri will have to take more care of him.

Because it will be part of God, who is taking birth on earth to remove all the sufferings of people and for the welfare of all.

Christmas Wishes For Friends, Messages & Quotes

After a few days, when Merry became pregnant, Joseph started taking care of Merry, and all the learned saints also came to know that soon the fragment of God will be born on earth.

Once, when Lord Jesus was about to be born, then Merry and Joseph were in the wilderness, then at the place of fodder of wolves and cows, Merri gave birth to Lord Jesus at that time, and when people around that forest came to know that God was born in that place. Then some of those people and many saints came to see God Jesus and those saints who already know that Lord Jesus was born on this earth.

Then everyone got the news and from that day the birthday of Lord Jesus is celebrated as Christmas Day. That day everyone shares Christmas wishes also and

From this Day,  Everyone wishes Christmas celebration and shares happy Christmas wishes in the joy of the birthday of Lord Jesus. After this story, we got to know why is Christmas celebrated.

How to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas celebrations start many days before in Christian people, Christian people and other people who celebrate this day. They decorate their houses for Christmas celebration and beautifully decorate them and decorate the church with lots of decorations.

Christmas Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Christians pray in church on this day, meditate for Lord Jesus and read the Bible and share Christmas wishes.

Special devotees of Lord Jesus also fast on this day and offer this day to Lord Jesus.

Lord Jesus is considered to be a compassionate, tolerant welfare virtue and a symbol of peace. God Jesus has always given the message of peace to all. On this day, all the parents pray to their children for the Lord Jesus and narrate their stories. And all kids share Christmas wishes and say Happy Christmas with each other.

It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and Christmas wishes among the people and makes good dishes. They are offered Lots of Christmas cards and gifts to each other. Share Happy Christmas images and Christmas quotes with each other via social media.

This day is specially celebrated in the church with Happy Christmas Wishes. Some special devotees in the church read the Bible and sing songs for Jesus in peace.  And everyone sits quietly and listens to the Bible on this day.

How to Wish Christmas

On Christmas day one can give Christmas wishes to a person in many ways. And in what ways can we wish Christmas, there are some ways like –

On the day of the Christmas festival,  everyone gives gifts to each other, and some people buy beautiful cards or make them with their own hands and give them to their dear ones and wishes them Happy Christmas wishes.

And through social media, everyone wishes each other Happy Christmas, send them Christmas images with some beautiful Christmas quotes.

Everyone shares Happy Christmas images to everyone and celebrates this day with Happy Christmas wishes and great enthusiasm and happiness.

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