Epiphany Feast day – History, Significance

Epiphany Feast day is the most prominent and very ancient festival of the Christians. Epiphany is derived from the Greek word epiphania and this word means “Manifestation’ and ‘Emersion’. All Christians celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and love.

Epiphany is the Christian festival which is celebrated just after Christmas and Happy New Year. It is celebrated as a feast day of the revelation of the God incarnate as Jesus Christ.

Epiphany Feast Day is celebrated by all Christians as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and his baptism. It is also the belief of all Christians that: The birth of Jesus Christ was incarnated as God on this earth to remove the sufferings of the people and to give all of them a free and happy life.

Epiphany Feast Day is celebrated in the Christians on two dates, one of which is 6th January and the other is 19th January. Western Christians and Eastern Christians celebrate this festival in their traditional way according to their calendar. Actually, Western Christians celebrate Epiphany Feast Day on 6 January according to the Gregorian calendar and Eastern Christians follow the Julian calendar, so they celebrate this festival on 19 January. And many people in Christians also celebrate Epiphany Feast day on the second Monday of January.

Terminologies Related-Epiphany

The Feast of Epiphany Feast Day is also the belief of all Christians that the day of the manifestation of Jesus Christ as an incarnation of God. The Festival of Epiphany is also known as Theophany and Three King’s Day by all Christians.

Every Christian celebrates the festival of Epiphany Feast Day in the church and with great enthusiasm and devotion, people remember and pray to Jesus on this day. As a celebration of the birthday of Jesus, there is a huge celebration on this day for all Christians.

The festival of Epiphany is a very special and very big festival for all Christians and they all celebrate it with great enthusiasm, happiness, and love.

The Epiphany Feast Day is one of the most revered and big festivals of Christians. The most important and special festival of Christians is – Easter, Christmas and Epiphany Feast Day. Therefore, this festival is celebrated in a very special way by Christians.


The Epiphany Feast Day of Christians is celebrated by all Christians as a celebration of an honorable Feast of the Baptism of Jesus. And Epiphany Feast day is celebrated by all Christian people with great love and enthusiasm.

Epiphany Feast day is also known as the name of Three Kings day. Because there is a history of three King’s related to the manifestation and birth of Jesus Christ. The three kings had come to signify the birth of Jesus Christ in the form of God. And the traditional names of the three kings were Gaspar Melchior and Balthazar.

However, who were those three kings and where they came from, and whether they were really kings or not, no one knew. Moreover, their names are also accurate or not, this is not sure. But he was aware of the birth of Jesus and even after his birth these three Kings went to meet Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was a great king and god also and he himself said that he is the king of truth. And Jesus, even after being Lord, was born in Gaushala, and to overcome the sorrows of people and give them good lessons, he came into this world and did so much great work for all the Christians.

Christmas Day is observed on 25th December and celebrates this festival for 12 days and Epiphany Feast day is celebrated on the last day of 12 days. And so this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness.  And on this day, all Christians celebrate Epiphany Feast day and offer this day to Jesus Christ with all heart and devotion.


Significance of Epiphany The celebration of Jesus Christ to the world is an epiphany. It celebrates the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and also celebrates Jesus’s birth. This festival has very important to the Christianity community. It’s a golden day of celebration. 

According to many beliefs of Christians, this festival is celebrated as the birth celebration of Jesus Christ and for many Jesus stories. Therefore, this festival is very special and important for all Christians. At this festival, all of them worship Jesus Christ with all their heart and meditate for them.

Epiphany Feast day has the celebration with great pomp and the most important reason is that at this time there were signs of Jesus Christ being born on earth as God.  That is why all Christians celebrate this festival in a very special way every year and this festival is also very important for people all over India.

The occasion additionally has various customs, including water as an impression of Jesus’ submersion, including the gift of houses with heavenly water.

As we said early, that epiphany is the feast of three kings, and they are also known as wise men.

Epiphany is also remembered as the day of the baptism of Jesus Christ by some churches. As when he was 30, he was baptized and started to teach people about god.

Epiphany Feast day - History


The epiphany is celebrated as the occurrence of both the event baptism at Jordan and the appearance of wise men.

These days, when it is commended and for how long varies among Protestants and Catholics.

While the Catholic church notices Epiphany as a solitary day, for some Protestant places of worship, Epiphany endures from January 6 until Ash Wednesday in February and the beginning of Lent.

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How it is celebrated in World

  • Pope Francis will hold the Vatican’s yearly Holy Mass for the Epiphany in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome at 10 am.
  • Yet, mass isn’t the main way Epiphany is set apart, with an assortment of celebrations worldwide.
  • In certain nations, a Jesus doll is covered up in the bread, and whoever discovers him arranges a gathering on Candlemas in February.
  • There are likewise festivities speaking to Jesus’ absolution.
  • Eastern European and Greek Orthodox ministers toss a cross into water, and jumpers contend to think that it’s first.

Story of Magi- Three kings

After Jesus was conceived, Wise Men came to search for Him, likely from a zone which is presented in one or the other Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia Yemen, or a zone in what’s currently southern Turkey, northern Syria. Despite the fact that they are frequently called the ‘Three Kings,’ the Bible doesn’t state the number of there were or that they were lords.

One hypothesis is that they may have been Kings of Yemen, as during this time, the Kings of Yemen were Jews. Three is just an estimate since they carried with them three presents: yet numerous there were of them, they most likely would have had a lot more workers with them.

In those days, cosmology and soothsaying were essential for similar by and large investigations (and ‘science’) and went inseparably with one another. The magi would have followed the examples of the stars strictly. They would have additionally presumably been extremely rich and held high regard in their own general public and by individuals who weren’t from their nation or religion.

They had seen an uncommon new star in the sky and realized that it recounted the introduction of a unique lord in Israel. Discover more about the star on the Star of Bethlehem page in the Christmas Customs segment. The Magi would have thought about the predictions of an extraordinary Jewish Savior (otherwise called the Messiah) from when the Jews had been held hostage in old Babylon a few hundred years prior.

Legends are told about them, and they have been given names. This is the way they are regularly portrayed:

  • Balthazar, who has dark skin and dark facial hair growth (or no facial hair!) and wears a purple shroud.

Herod requested that the Wise Men discover Jesus and reveal to him where he was, not all that he could proceed to love him as he stated, yet so he could murder him! He felt that Jesus seemed like another King that could come and remove his capacity.

Public Holiday

  • The old gala day is a day of festivity in numerous nations around the globe, with Catholic and Orthodox nations, by and large, checking it as a public occasion.
  • Brits seeking after another bank occasion are probably going to be baffled – in the UK, there is no open occasion to respect the three lords’ day.


The day additionally celebrates the immersion of Jesus in the Jordan River. In the West, the term between December 25 and January 6 is known as the Twelve Days of Christmas.

It is standard for Christians in numerous territories to eliminate their Christmas designs on Epiphany Eve (Twelfth Night), in spite of the fact that those in other Christian nations truly eliminate them on Candlemas, the finish of Epiphanytide.

According to the primary convention, the individuals who neglect to make sure to eliminate their Christmas enhancements on Epiphany Eve must leave them immaculate until Candlemas, the subsequent occasion to eliminate them; inability to notice this custom is considered inauspicious.

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