Essay on Happy New Year for students

The new year is the time where people around the world welcome a new beginning. These times, students might be asked to write about the Essay on Happy New Year by their teachers.

Essay on Happy New Year for students

Teachers ask students to write about the Essay on Happy New Year so that students will get a thorough knowledge about New Year and it’s celebrations. Most of the countries celebrate New year on 1st January as per Gregorian Calendar. People around the world celebrate differently on New year’s day.

So making an Essay on Happy New Year, you may have to cover history about it and also you may have to talk about the different types of celebrations occurring in different areas. The date of New Year is actually different in some places but mostly it is celebrated as per the Gregorian Calendar. You might be familiar with the different varieties of celebrations that have been held on the day.

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Some people celebrate by dancing, singing and conducting parties on New Year Eve. You can include in your Essay on Happy New year by talking about different rituals and traditions which have been followed in different places around the world. In Spain, people eat twelve grapes in seconds leading up to midnight. Likewise, there are also other cultures which eat special food for New year. Greeks eat cake with silver or gold coins baked inside.

Essay on Happy New Year

In China, the dumpling represents hope for a new year and in Japan long bucket wheat noodles signify long life. So these types of interesting things can be added in the Essay on Happy New year. It is always good to know about the particular thing we are celebrating instead of celebrating just to enjoy.

So writing about the Essay on Happy New year will also help the students to discover more about the New year and its celebrations. Students can also publish their own articles like Essay on Happy New year on different platforms if they want.

People around the world even if their date is different they hope to have a wonderful year ahead. They look back in the past year which they have been through and reflect on the good and bad sides of their life. In India even though the New year is celebrated in January first, according to Hindi scripture, the new year is celebrated in between March and April.

Not only students, anyone who is found interested in such topics can look forward to an Essay on Happy New year, where you include a bunch of details from history regarding New year. The Gregorian Calendar is followed by a solar calendar and even now there are some countries which follow the lunar calendar and celebrate New year according to that. So let’s check out interesting things based on the New year celebration and make your Essay on Happy New year interesting and informative.

Why Do We Celebrate Happy New year?

The new year is celebrated across the world to have a new beginning. January is named after the Greek god Janus who is the god of the new beginning. Janus had two faces, one that looked to the past and one that looked to the future. So we can also reflect on our past and learn from the good and bad experiences and with that wisdom, we can look up to the future. People tend to celebrate something which is new and expects to have a better life. People welcome such beginnings by having parties and different kinds of traditions and rituals.

New year’s History

Back in the old days New year wasn’t celebrated in January first. The massive Babylonian celebration was held on the spring equinox. In 46 BC Julius Caesar introduced a new calendar. It was synced to the sun, not the moon because back in those days people followed a calendar which was synced to the moon. And when Julius Caesar introduced a new calendar, the new year celebrations shifted from March first to January first.

In October 1582, Pope Gregory XIII who was the head of Catholic Church and ruler of the papal states overhauled the calendar system. Now, most of the countries follow the  Gregorian Calendar which celebrates New year in January first.

The difference between the Julian calendar and the Gregorian Calendar is, the Gregorian Calendar has three fewer days in every 400 year period than the Julian calendar. Even today people in some countries or places celebrate New year at different times according to the lunar calendar. Rosh Hash Anah, the Jewish calendar and the first day of Muharram which is the start of Islamic calendar year celebrate New year in the fall.

Chinese New year

Chinese New year which is celebrated in a whole month is held in late January or early February. The festival is commonly known as the spring festival. The first day of Chinese new year begins on the New moon. The new moon appears in the days between 21st January and 20 February.

New year day traditions

There are different celebrations and traditions in the New year day across different places in the world. In Columbia, people there carry empty suitcases around the block hoping for the travel-filled new year. In Denmark, people throw old plates and glasses to banish bad spirits during the time of the New year celebration. In Panama, there is a tradition of burning effigies of famous people. It is to get rid of evil spirits. In Greece Onion is hung in front of the house. It is considered as the symbol of rebirth in the time of New year. And there are still more rituals and traditions which are performed during the time of New year in different parts of the world.

New year today

In India, different regions celebrate different days of the New Year. The difference is based on the lunar and solar calendar. Those who follow the solar calendar the new year falls during the fourteenth or fifteenth of April. And the region which follows the lunar calendar considers the first day of the month of Chaitra as New year day. Although there are differences in the day of New Year in different regions in India, generally India celebrates New year in January first following the Gregorian Calendar.

The real New year?

Well as we have seen so far there are different New years in different regions of the world. Also, it is said that March 20 is the real new year because of the springtime. It’s the time of new growth, which refers to the new beginning, which leads to a new year. And also the length of both day and night is the same. The early Roman calendar says March one as New year. It had ten months that began with March.

The new year is the time where everyone gathers and waits to start another year of their life by making it a special day. There may be different traditions or rituals or even different days for the New year. But overall the New year signifies a new beginning and another new phase of life that people celebrate wherever they are.

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