Essay On Holi For Students – Why we Celebrate Holi?

India is a country known for its culture and tradition. Festivals is one among them. There are many festivals celebrated in India and Holi is one which is celebrated by everyone irrespective of region, religion. Here is the essay on Holi for students.

Essay On Holi For Students

Holi is one of the popular festivals of India. Also called as “festival of colours” signifies the victory of good over evil. It usually comes in March, the end of the winter. It has a religious purpose too which symbolically signifies the legend of Holika. It is also identified as the celebration of agriculture.

Essay On Holi

Why we celebrate holi?

  1. Holi is celebrated to signify the victory of good on evil. It has an important history in mythology.
  2. Holi comes at the beginning of the spring season. Some people celebrate it before the harvesting of crops as a celebration of agriculture.
  3. It also signifies the celebration of love as people forget all the differences between the people irrespective of region, religion, class. So this is one such festival which is widely celebrated by everyone.
  4. Holi is the traditional festival of Hindus which shows rich values and ethnics of them and their inheritance.

Holi Celebration

Holika Dhan

Days before Holi people starts gathering woods and combustible materials and in the night before the day of Holi, Hindus lit the bonfires and sing, dance, celebrates called as Holika Dahan.

Playing with colours

From the morning of the day holi celebrations begins, from every child to every man in the streets plays with dry colours, colour solution throws colours to their target persons and gets them coloured.

Other celebrations

In some parts of north India, festivities last more than a week. people go beyond playing with colours, also where men go with shields and women have the right to playfully beat them on their shields with sticks.

In south India, some people worship and make offerings to Kamadeva, who is the love god of Indian mythology.

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Why Holi has become popular in other countries?

Holi is one of the Indian festivals that has become popular in other countries. One of the reason is that most of Indians are living in many other countries so they celebrate there itself and thus those countries getting aware of holi.

“We want the future generation to be connected to the culture back home,” says Minal Jaiswal, who moved from Mumbai to London in 2003. He organises event during Holi every year and many South Asians participate in it with dances, music, etc. Like these many Indians and Indian communities organising events not only during Holi but also during other festivals thus making future generations know the value of traditions, celebrations.

Troubles during the Holi Celebration:

  1. Colours used in the celebration of Holi sometimes is made of synthetics so when used they may affect the health of people which may cause skin issues, eye infections, etc. This has been the major problem caused during these days.
  2. Usage of balloons in the celebration of Holi may increase plastic pollution indirectly.
  3. Few men drink alcohol and create disturbance in the society thus damages the mood of the festival.
  4. Few men take this celebration as an advantage and try to misbehave with girls.

What needs to change during Holi:

  1. Colours used in celebrations are mostly made of synthetics so we need to buy natural colours or use our own ingredients used in our home to celebrate.
  2. Celebrations with strangers need to be decreased so ladies can celebrate without any problem.
  3. Celebration of holi needs to be more good at avoiding alcohol so everyone celebrates smoothly.
  4. Many foreigners come and join Indians to celebrate so alcohol can be reduced to give them the satisfaction of a festival

The lesson to learn From Holi:

Holi festival teaches us the importance of good over evil. It teaches us to celebrate our tradition with the right spirit and to stay together irrespective of disparities between people. It also helps us to forgive others for their mistakes and help them to build their confidence in doing good. So that’s why even strangers turn into friends to us on that day. So we need to celebrate Holi.


Every festival has a purpose. People take  Holi as a festival that gives joy, happiness and relationships. We should celebrate it in a good way and maintain the spirit of the festival.

Holi festival is one of the symbols of our tradition and since Holi is celebrated by everyone regardless of caste and creed, it shows world nations how a country can be united regardless of disparities. Holi festival brings people closer and makes them happier.

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