Essay On Independence Day For Students – 15 August

Independence Day is celebrated with great Zealand enthusiasm on 15 August every year. On this day in the year 1947, India became independent from British colonial rule. This day we celebrate by unfurling the flag, singing the national anthem, remembering our freedom fighters, etc.

We have got this independence after a very long struggle, hardships and many sacrificed their lives for this independence of the whole country and their countrymen. We remember the day with the sacrifices of our brave Indian freedom fighters.

Essay On Independence Day

When India got independent, our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Unfurled, our tricolour national flag at Red Fort and Lahori Gate in Delhi. Independence Day in India is of great importance, and everyone must know its importance.

On the occasion of Independence Day, our main motive of celebration to aware of our young generation about the pride and courage of our brave freedom fighters and colonial rule. It is the day when we forgot all our cultural differences and united as a real Indian. The need for awareness among youth is because the future of the nation depends on the kid, and the ability to change the country.

Essay On Independence Day
Essay On Independence Day

So it is our job to serve the nation and make every possible effort to a better society. The celebration of this day comes with a feeling of nationalism and patriotism across the country.

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Now, everyone must ponder over appoint that why we celebrate Independence Day till now also, since we are independent now and can live freely without any hesitation or overpowering of anyone. For hundreds of years, India was ruled by the United Kingdom, and our country was a part of the British Empire. The British have taken over a lot of the world, and India was one of its many colonies.

Before they came, India was made up of many kingdoms. After being ruled by them for years, the mutual feelings toward foreign rule really brought the country together. United, the people of the country struggled to free itself from British rule for many years.

We officially became independent on 15 August, 1947. To commemorate this historic event, we celebrate our independence on 15 August every year. Every Indian must celebrate this day with wholly patriotism and devotion towards their country because this day reminds us of our great freedom fighters and their sacrifices that they have done to make us independent. So, this is one of the reasons that Independence Day is being celebrated.

How can we forget Students and their zeal and power on this day as they prepare for many cultural programs and give speeches about this special day? It feels good and fills the zest in us that our coming generations are also keenly trying to know about the history of this day and why we celebrate this day. India couldn’t have gained independence without the leadership of many great people.

Furthermore, we celebrate Independence Day to remember our Fighters. Our Independence Day is of great importance to us as it is the only day when we can remember our martyrs who died for the country. Also, it is the only day when we forget all our cultural differences and unite as one true Indian.

Many women also showed their zeal and power and proved that they could not be considered inferior to men. Their sacrifices are also remembered on this auspicious day. In our country, the Independence Day celebration is done on a vast scale. Every government building is full of decoration with light. Also, these lights are of three colours orange, green, and white because these are the colours of our National Flag.

Moreover, every person, whether being a government or private official has to be present in the offices. To hoist the National Flag of our country and sing our National Anthem. In Schools and colleges, there is an organization of various functions. In this, the students perform acts to represent the struggle of our freedom fighters.

Moreover, the students have a solo and duet performance of patriotic songs. In offices, there is no work done on this day. Furthermore, the officials wear Tricolor dresses to express their patriotism for the country. Also, in various offices, employees deliver speeches to enlighten people about the freedom struggle. And the efforts made by or freedom fighters to make this country an independent nation.

The youth of our country has the ability to change the nation. As it rightly said that the future depends on the young generation. So it is our duty to serve the nation and make every possible effort to make our country better. One of the main motives for the celebration of Independence Day is to make our youth aware.

This is also one of the strong reasons to celebrate Independence Day in all schools and colleges to pay tribute to our martyrs and know more about this day, what happened in the history on this big day and about the struggles of our freedom fighters and countrymen.

Moreover, it is to tell them how our country got independence from the clutches of the Britishers. And the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters because of their sacrifice for the country. Furthermore, it is also done so that the children may come to know the history of their country. And the way the development took place in the past years.

So that they are serious about their future careers and put efforts to make our country better, on this auspicious day, our honourable prime minister first unfurled the flag at historic Red Fort in New Delhi and reciting our National Anthem’ Jana Gana Mana’. And delivering his annual speech, which includes significant accomplishments in the past, about our goal, about vision.

Most importantly, at the beginning of the address, he commemorated and remembered all freedom fighters to whom struggle makes us independent, and our country becomes an independent country. To remember the struggles and their devotion towards their country, till now also Independence Day is being celebrated throughout the country with unity and whole patriotism. After flag hoisted at Red Fort, it is hosted in all schools, colleges, institute offices, etc. There are many programs organized in colleges and schools for the high relevance of this day. On this occasion, both students and teachers participate with great enthusiasm and realize the day’s ecstatic.

Our country is recognized as the largest democracy in the world. On this day, the Indian Independence Act 1947 was passed by the UK Parliament, which transferred legislative sovereignty to the Indian nation. This day also feels our pride and unity in the diversity of the country.

India is a country of individuals living together with different religion, diverse society with a vibrant culture and tradition commend this special event with great joy. We feel pleased, and it makes it more energetic to save our motherland from any attack on the country’s dignity and sovereignty. So, we all should be proud of being an Indian and a part of this glorious country and its diversity and culture.

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