Essay on Republic Day For Students

On the day of Republic Day, big events are organized worldwide, which shows true patriotism. This day is also organized in schools and colleges. All students celebrate this festival with patriotism. Students write an Essay on Republic Day and celebrate this day by singing patriotic songs.

The Republic Day festival is one of our major festivals in India. The constitution of India was implemented on Republic Day. That is why we celebrate Republic Day with a lot of patriotism, enthusiasm, and whole national love.

The festival of Republic Day is celebrated with true patriotism all over India; the festival of Republic Day is celebrated on 26 January by all Indians. People from all over India associate this day with full respect and celebrate with great enthusiasm and patriotism.

On 26 January, the Indian constitution  was implemented in the whole of India

in 1950, so all Indians celebrate this day with full respect, patriotism, and enthusiasm.

Students celebrate this day by reading Essay on Republic Day, and the preparations of Republic Day starts from many days before in the schools and colleges.

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Why do we celebrate Republic Day?

There is a history of our India that explains why we celebrate Republic Day.

Many years ago, the rule of British rule was on our India, and all the people of our India had to live under their slavery. The people of India were tortured a lot by British rule. And obeyed their laws, which were very wrong and extreme.

Essay on Republic Day For Students 500 Word

After a very long time, independent fighters of India with great struggle liberated India from the atrocities of British rule on 15 August 1947.

After liberating the country, when our country was free, after about two and a half years, on 26 January 1950, India implemented its constitution. And India declared the essence of complete independence: it’s country as a democratic state.

On this day, Republic Day is celebrated like a festival on January 26 in our entire country and is celebrated with full enthusiasm, respect, and patriotism.

Republic Day – National Festival of India

Republic Day is a very important day for India.  We celebrate this day with full patriotism all over India. As we know that on Republic Day, our constitution was implemented in India, and on this day, our India was completely independent. Although the country got independence on August 15, 1947, after independence, when the Constitution came into force, India’s country became completely independent.

Republic Day is one of the three important national festivals of India.  India has three national festivals – Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti. And these three national festivals are very important for India.

Patriotic events are held on this day in all schools and colleges in India. Essay on Republic Day tells all students about this day. And all schools are asked an essay on Republic Day so that all students get the knowledge of this day and know why they celebrate Republic Day.

Importance of Republic Day

Republic Day is celebrated on 26 January and celebrates this day with enthusiasm and patriotism across India. The festival of Republic Day fills self-pride in all Indians, and all Indians experience complete freedom.

On the occasion of Republic Day, the atmosphere is very happy and full of patriotism everywhere. Patriotic songs are playing everywhere. Republic Day programs are conducted in all schools, and many students take part in patriotic events on this day. This day is celebrated with great pomp and joy all over India.

The celebration of Republic Day makes us understand the importance of this day and makes us feel full freedom.

To understand the importance of Republic Day for all students in schools, books have a chapter and an essay on Republic Day about this Republic Day festival.

On the occasion of Republic Day, a patriotic atmosphere is seen in Delhi’s entire city, the capital of India.

Republic Day in Delhi is organized on this day with great pomp and enthusiasm.


Essay on Republic Day For Students

In our country of India, our national anthem ( Jana-Gana-Mana ) is sung on the occasion of Republic Day. And our national flag ( Tiranga ) is waved, and with full respect, we raise our heads and salute our national flag with respect.

On this day, all the people of our entire India feel proud to be residents of India. On this day, people make three colors of our national flag on their cheeks all over India. And people wear only three color dresses, and our national flag (Tiranga) is seen on every side, which shows true patriotism for India.

It is compulsory for all school students to know about Republic Day and read an essay on Republic Day. So that along with studies, all students get to know about the national festivals.

Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day celebrations are celebrated in a grand manner on the 26th of January every year on the occasion of Republic Day at Rajpath in our Indian capital, New Delhi. And this festival is celebrated in all cultural and traditional ways.

On Republic Day, there is also the practice of inviting many special foreign guests from outside our country.

On the occasion of Republic Day, First of all, the national flag (Tiranga) is hosted by the President of India. And after this, all the Indians and guests present there are singing the national anthem of our India (Jana-Gana-Mana) with full respect. And finally, salute the national flag with full respect.

A variety of cultural and traditional events begin on Republic Day. On this day, the most important parade takes place in which various regiments of the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy take part. And this program is very attractive, and people are very excited to see this program.

Republic Day is celebrated in a very traditional way on this day in schools, colleges, and institutes all over India. Students participate in the Republic Day program and start doing preparations several days in advance.

Some students prepare speeches by writing and reading an essay on Republic Day.


Republic Day is a historic festival in our country, which is celebrated in a cultural and traditional way all over India. On this day, Indians celebrate Republic Day with full zeal and respect and express pride in India’s president.

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