Father’s Day – History and Significance

Father’s day is very special for everyone. Father’s Day is dedicated to all the fathers. This is a day to express love towards all fathers and to share respectful feelings. On Father’s Day, everyone gives gifts and greeting cards to their fathers and wholeheartedly wishes Father’s Day wishes to their fathers and everyone takes a lot of blessings from their fathers and celebrates this day in a special way.

Father’s day is also a very happy and lovely day for all the fathers because on this day when all their children feel very special to them. By the way, it is not enough for parents to give respect just one day and feel special. Mother or father, they matter in our lives every day. And not just one day, every day we should give respect and love to our parents.

Fathers’ Day is inspired by celebrating Mother’s Day and that’s why Father’s Day also started. Like other days celebrations are also celebrated like Children’s day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, etc. Similarly, celebrating Father’s Day was also started as a celebration. Everyone shares time with their father on Father’s Day and makes or purchases Father’s Day cards for them and gives them or by giving good gifts, they make them feel special.

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History of Father’s Day

Fathers’ Day Day is celebrated respectfully all over the world and on this day every one specially dedicated all the love and happiness to their father. Everyone celebrates this day with great love and joy for their father.

It is very important to know how Father’s day was celebrated and where this day was first celebrated. How and when it started celebrating Father’s Day, there are also many different things. But the most popular story is that which is like this.

Father's Day - History

It is said that Fathers’ Day was first celebrated in America And the first biggest thought to start celebrating this day is that Mother’s Day was celebrated at that time. And inspired by the celebration of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day was also thought to be celebrated as a celebration. And sometime after that, Father’s Day was first celebrated in America in the year 1909.

And a short story is also popular to celebrate Father’s Day and since then there was also the beginning of celebrating Father’s Day.

There was once a girl named Sonora Dodd and she lived in Spokane City, Washington. When Sonora Dodd was 16 years old then her mother died. After the death of her mother, Sonora’s father nurtures Sonora and her other five siblings with great love and care and Sonora’s father never let any of his children miss the mother.

Seeing all this, Sonora considered herself very lucky to have such a good and caring father. And Sonora loved and respected her father a lot. Sonora’s father was an American Civil War Veteran.

Once in 1909 in Sonora’s city Spokane and in a church, which was named Centenary Parasitorian. There was having a speech on mother’s day and Sonora was there in the church. At the same time, listening to Mother’s Day’s speech, Sonora Dodd got the idea of ​​celebrating Father’s Day as a celebration of a day.

And then Sonora Dodd contacted the Spokane Ministerial Association and asked him to take permission to celebrate the day of June 5 as Father’s Day. Because on 5 June, Sonora Dod’s father’s birthday came. Then some time later when the Spokane Ministerial Association allowed it but not on June 5, but after some time permission was given to celebrate Father’s Day.

Fathers’ Day has since been celebrated in the Spokane City of Washington State and the third Sunday of June was celebrated every year as Father’s Day.  Father’s Day was celebrated locally in 1909 and after a long time in 1966, then President Lyndon Johansen decided to celebrate Father’s Day on a special day.

Father’s Day was celebrated on the third Sunday in June every year. And after some time, Fathers’ Day slowly got popular and started to be celebrated all over the world. And this day is dedicated to all the fathers in the world with full respect. Everyone celebrates Father’s Day with great love and respect and shares their love and happiness with their father and celebrates this day with great enthusiasm and takes lots of blessings from their fathers.

Significance of Father’s Day

Father’s day is very special and significant for everyone. Everyone can understand the importance of the father and everyone’s life is incomplete without a father. And to make father’s day special on this day and give them gifts or greeting cards to make this day very special for them makes this day very memorable and adorable.

Father’s relationship is one of the very beautiful relationships and the father’s bond is very special for every human being. Yes, it is a matter that the mother is a little soft-hearted and the father is a little strict But a father puts his whole life at stake to make his children’s life beautiful. Maintaining a father’s relationship and becoming a father is a big responsibility and a very beautiful feeling as well. That is why Fathers’ Day tells us the Importance of Fathers and this day becomes very special for all of this.

A father’s life is full of difficulties and for every human being a father is very important. It is also a very fortunate thing for all of us to be with our father, for which we should always be thankful and celebrate Father’s Day with great love and respect with our father. Father’s day is celebrated all over the world with great love and respect and dedicated this day for all the fathers in the world.

On Father’s Day, everyone and people of all ages celebrate, whether they are children, Young people or old people. Everyone celebrates this day with full respect, happiness and love. And on this day, every person also wishes their father the best wishes of Father’s Day and makes it special by giving their fathers gifts and greeting cards and spending quality time with their father.

Father And Son Story

A man came home from work late tired and irritated to find his 5-year-old son waiting for him at the door.

Son:  daddy may I ask you a question?

Dad: yeah sure, what is it? He replied.

Son: Daddy, how much do you earn an hour?

Dad: that’s none of your business. why should you ask such a thing? The man said angrily.

Son: I just want to know please tell me how much do you make an hour?

Dad: if you must know I makers 100 an hour.

Son oh the little boy replied with his head down.

Son: daddy may I please borrow rs 50?

The father was furious ” if the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense then you match yourself straight to your room. The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door.

The man had come down and started to think maybe there was something he needed to buy with rs 50 and he didn’t ask for money very often. The man went to the door of the little boy’s rooms and he opened the door ” are you asleep son?

No daddy he replied I am awake replied the boy I have been thinking maybe I was too hard on you earlier said the man here is the 50 Rs you asked for. The little boy said straight up smiling oh thank you, daddy, he yelled. The reaching under his pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills. The man saw that the boy already had money started to get angry again. The little boy slowly counted out his money and then he looked up at his father. Why do you want more money if you already have some the father grumbled because I didn’t have enough but now I do the little boy replied.

Daddy, I have rs 100 now can I buy an hour of your time?

Please come home early tomorrow I would like to have dinner with you.

The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little son and he begged for his forgiveness.

A reminder to all of us working so hard in life. We should not let time slip through our fingers without having spent some time with those who matter to us, those who are close to our hearts.

By..Tanvi Aditi Francis

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