Happy New Year Wishes, Messages & Quotes

The Happy New Year festival is celebrated every year on 1 January with great enthusiasm and joy. Everyone shares Happy New Year wishes to each other on the new year with great joy and enthusiasm. Everyone plans a lot of plans, parties and decorations for the Happy New Year celebration.

For the Happy New Year celebration, everyone organizes a lot of parties and eats good dishes in many hotels and restaurants and by partying with everyone, they enjoy a lot. All the family people give Happy Happy New Year wishes to each other and share the love.

On Happy New Year festival, everyone shops for this day buy gifts and cards for all family members, friends and relatives. On this day, by giving gifts and cards to everyone, Happy New Year wishes to share and celebrate this day with happiness and love. And everyone says Happy Happy New Year to each other.

Happy New Year wishes, everyone also shares via social media nowadays.

Everybody shares Happy New Year wishes with Happy New Year Images and Happy New Year Quotes. And wishes to all the relatives, friends and dear people very Happy Happy New Year. And with a lot of happiness for all.

With Happy New Year images, everyone plans for a Happy New Year celebration. People invite their friends for parties and fun too. Nowadays almost everyone celebrates this day with decorations and parties. And give Happy Happy New Year wishes.

Along with the Happy New Year wishes, People surprise all their close ones by giving them precious gifts and beautiful cards with Happy New Year Quotes on this day. And wish them a lot of success and happiness for the start of the new year.

On Happy New Year festival, all family members give Happy New Year wishes on this day by calling or messaging their relatives and friends. And share lots of love and happiness.

Happy New Year Wishes, Messages

Everyone starts their new life on January 1 on Happy New Year Festival. And everyone believes that starting anything new on this day will be very auspicious. And people also believe that whatever work they do on this day will have to be done throughout the year.

On this day, all the students take a new step to improve themselves, and all the elders start their life anew. And forgetting all the mistakes of the previous year, take the life of not repeating them in this new year. And promise themselves to become a better person in the new year. On this auspicious day, Happy New Year wishes also give themselves. And celebrating  Happy Happy New Year with great joy and happiness.

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How to Wish Happy New Year?

The Happy New Year Festival is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm every year. The new year is celebrated most all over the world on January 1, whereas according to the calendar of all countries it falls on different days. But throughout the year, Happy New Year Wishes are given on January 1.

Everyone starts decorating and planning for the New Year from December 31 for the Happy New Year festival. And start the party at night for the celebration of Happy Happy New Year. And at 12 o’clock at night, everyone gives Happy Happy New Year wishes with lots of booze.

On this day, people of young age party with music, drink and food and share many Happy New Year wishes. From this day everyone starts the new year as a new life. Forgetting all the past things and mistakes, start a new life in the new year.

Nowadays a lot of people share Happy New Year Wishes with Happy New Year Images and Happy New Year Quotes on social media and celebrates the happy new year with lots of happiness.

By sharing all the Happy Happy New Year images, all people celebrate and welcome the new year with great enthusiasm.

Ideas to Make Happy New Year Special for your Loved One’s –

  • On this day, give surprise gifts to your special person and family members what they always wanted.
  • If your friends do not live in your neighbourhood or your city, then surprise them by visiting their house on New Year’s Day and give them a beautiful card or gift. And spend quality time with them.
  • You can order a good gift online for your friends and loved ones and get them delivered to their homes.
  • You can also make gifts and cards to your younger siblings from your hands.
  • And you can also write letters to your friends, family and loved ones with the greeting card of Happy New Year.

With the help of all these ideas, you can make your friends, family and children feel special. And celebrate this day with lots of blessings and happiness.

Why is Happy New Year Celebrate?

To know why is Happy New Year celebration happen, we have to know the history of earlier calendars.

Happy New Year celebration has been a practice since many years ago. The New Year celebration was celebrated on 21 March in Babylon more than 4000 years ago. And then after that, according to the Roman calendar, the New Year celebration started.

And after this, when the Julian calendar was created, according to this calendar, on 1st January, the celebration of New Year was celebrated with great enthusiasm.

After this, the Gregorian calendar came after making some changes, and according to this Gregorian calendar, till now we consider the new year on January 1. And every year in the whole world we celebrate the new year with great enthusiasm and joy.

By the way, according to different cultures, all the people celebrate the New Year on their different days, according to their calendar. In all the different countries in the world, the New Year celebration comes at different times, and some people celebrate the New Year according to their culture. And share Happy New Year wishes with all the people.

It is also the belief of Hindu culture that at this time, Lord Brahma composed all the creations. Therefore, this day is celebrated all over the world like a festival.

So, that’s all the reasons why is Happy New Year celebration happens.

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