Holi Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Holi is an Indian festival celebrated by all of us. Its also known as the festival of colors. It is the oldest and ancient festival in India. Holi celebration is done every year with devotion and liveliness by the Hindu religion. Everybody who celebrates Holi eagerly waits for March for the Holi celebration.

On this festive occasion, everyone goes to his friends and family to greet our loved ones with Holi wishes. Everyone wishes by saying happy Holi, Holi Mubarak, and many more and hug each other. By Holi wishes, we express our love and gratitude towards our friends and family. We pray for or friends and family that their life will also fill full of color and love like this festival.

How To Wish Holi

At this festival, everyone celebrates Holi with or friends and family. Holi is all about celebrating friends and family. People forget about their trouble and tension at this festival and celebrate brotherhood with everyone. In other words, we forget our enmities and get into the festival spirit. That’s why Holi wishes are a must because when it increases love and brotherhood between us. all of us wish by many different ways like:

Holi Wishes By Meeting Personally

we go to the house of friends and relatives to greet them with Holi’s wishes. We celebrate Holi by applying colors to each other faces and hug each other to show love for each other. After that, we play Holi with them by singing songs, dancing, and applying colors to each other. Then we eat Prashad, which is prepared by women of the house, we drink Thandai on this occasion.

Holi wishes

On the other hand, if we want to give Holi wishes to any official or professional person, then we should shake hands and wish ” happy Holi to you sir,” or if you want to wish someone elder than you, then you should touch their feet and take the blessing and then wish them with Holi wishes. After celebrating Holi, you should wish someone to join your hand.

Holi Wishes By Message

If someone lives far then, you should send them Holi wishes by sending them a text message in messaging applications like WhatsApp. You can write beautiful poetry or a Holi quote on that message. By texting them with Holi wishes, you should make them feel special on this occasion of the Holi festival, and this is one of the purposes of the Holi festival that you should spread brotherhood and love to your friends and family.

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Holi Wishes By Sending Holi Images

Holi’s wishes are also greeted by sending Holi images on different social networking sites or WhatsApp. You can download it on google and different websites. There are different types of  Holi images or GIF files on a different website; you can choose images and download them on your device and send it to your loved ones.

Happy Holi Wishes

Holi Wishes By Making Phone Calls

You can make phone calls to wish your friend and family. By doing this, your friends, family, and relatives feel more special. This will take more time than sending messages or sending Holi images or GIF files, but it will also better wish to send messages or images and GIF files.

Why Is Holi Celebrated?

Holi celebration is in our culture. one day before Holi, we conduct our ritual called “Holika Dahan,” in which we burn the woods and dry cow dung. It symbolizes the burning of evil power, revising the story of king Hiranyakashyap and his sister Holika. We gather around the Holika to seek blessings and offer their devotion to God. The Holi festival lasts for a day and night starts from the evening of Purnima or the full moon in the month of Phalguna.

Happy holi wishes for friends

History Of Holi

Once upon a time, there was a devil king named Hiranyakashyap. he had a son named Prahlad. It is believed that the devil king Hiranyakashyap had the blessing of Lord Brahma. This blessing meant that no man, animal, and weapon could kill him, neither inside the house nor outside the house, not in the space nor the earth, nobody can kill him. But this blessing turns into a curse for him as he became arrogant.

He ordered his kingdom to worship him instead of god, not spearing his own son. All the people of his kingdom started worshiping him except his son, Prahlad. Prahlad refused to worship his father instead of god as he was a true believer of Lord Vishnu. Upon seeing his disobedience, the devil king planned to kill his son, and for this, he tried many ways like; to throw Prahlad in a place full of snake, He threw Prahlad in a deep ditch, etc.


Holi is the most colorful day in India. People wake up early in the morning, take a bath, and pray to god. Then dress up in white and play with colors, children play with watercolor even adults become children in the festival of Holi. On Holi, they dance, drink Bhang, and eat Gujiya the whole day.

In short, Holi is the festival of colors and love; it spread brotherhood, happiness, and love. It brings harmony to the country. Holi symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. This colorful festival unites people and removes all sorts of negativity from life.

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