Holy Week of Easter: History & Significance

For Christians, the Easter significance is important as it is a feast of sacrifice, starvation, prayer, penance, and test of the followers as Jesus gave himself for people.

As early said, Easter is the gala of Christian, which glorifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As the majority of the world’s population is Christians, about 2.8 billion; hence it is celebrated globally.

Easter occurs for 3 days after the crucifixion of Jesus by Romans.

Significance of the Holy Week of Easter:

Ash Wednesday

The event starts on Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is momentous as long as it marks the startle of the Lent period leading up to Easter. Ash symbolizes death and guilty.

On the day of ash, Wednesday, Catholics and many Christians will have ashes applicable to their foreheads in the shape of a cross.

The people wear it for the whole day to illustrate the mourning penance and mortality to express their faith in God. Where the lent is the season of remark and mindfulness before the celebration of the festival. The Jesus follower tries to duplicate Christ’s immolation and pullback into the desert of 40 days.

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The Lent

Many Christians go on fasting in lent, especially every Friday of the week, with prayers in church. The people also gave up on their luxuries on food and even their living styles to show their repentance because Jesus gives his whole life for sacrifices of the people; hence this is known as ones Lenten scarifies.

happy easter wishes

Even helping the needy also count and working for jail prisoners also adds to the spiritual and discipline, reading daily devotional and devotional commemoration of Christ carrying the cross.

Then after 40 days is over, the Christian enter the holy week. the holy week starts from Palm Sunday and ends with the celebration of Easter Monday. The week is observed with sole gravity as the time of attachment to the fondness of Jesus Christ .the week is known by great week as great work was done by god.

The Holy Week Palm Sunday

The Holy Week starts by observing Palm Sunday acknowledge the Christ for jubilant hallway into Jerusalem. It is a special occasion for Jesus’ followers as palm branches were placed on his path before his arrest on Holy Thursday .on his arrivals, people howling hosanna, which means savior. They are later brought homes for good lucks, buried under preserved crops, and used to decorate graves.

Holy Thursday

After palm Sunday is over, we land up directly on Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, where Christ first ahead’s towards the ritual of foot washing of his disciples (but in current time the head of Christians pope Francis even includes women for this ritual which is appreciating) and then he commemorates the last supper for disciples.

After meals, Jesus made prophesy of the event that would promptly follow, including the betrayal of peter and his death and resurrection. And one thing very special happens where Jesus lays the modal of the Holy Communion or Eucharist .the day recalls with us passion, crucifixion, death, burials, and resurrection of Jesus as portrayed. Christians continue to share the bread of Jesus Christ and his blood as wine as part of the rituals for worship in church.

Good Friday

After the Maundy Thursday, the next day is a heart-heavy day for the Christian as it is a Good Friday is the day that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as Judas betrayed him and he was sentenced to death at Calvary Mountain. In the gospels, Jesus was collar by monarchal guards in Jerusalem at the garden of Gethsemane, went on interrogation, and sentenced to death.

Easter Sunday

After the good Friday, Christians observe mass in the evening, and the next day night that means Saturday,y the Easter mass beings and the new morning is Easter Sunday, which is celebrated as the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Easter occurs on the first Sunday after the first full moon on the onset of the spring equinox. Easter was first celebrated in the 2nd century.  Easter, which enclosure vicinity added a key point in the solar year when there is a fair cycle of kindle and twilight.For the northern slack people its marks the end of the winter season.

The spring means coming back of life which had been slumbering for cold days; hence there is a new birth of life, and it symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ seems like nature is also celebrating with us in the following year.

The name Easter was taken aback by the pre-Christian goddess in England, Eostre or Ostara, which was celebrated as the beginning of the spring and fertility. The goddess consorted with the hare as hare are the symbol of fertility and new life. But later, it was renamed by Germans and Americas refers as the resurrection of Jesus named Easter.

How Easter Celebrated?

Easter Bunny

Easter bunny was originated in the 17th century in Europe, and they related with spring, fertility, and they deliver Easter eggs and bunny were probably brought to American a century later by German immigrates .but bunny is not the only animal associated with the Easter holiday in Switzerland a cook delivers the Easter eggs and in different parts of the Germany kids waits for Easter fox.

Easter Eggs

easter eggs

The eggs also symbolize fertile and renewal, but it has a practical reason for centuries, the Christian church ban eggs and other meals during lent, and hence eggs become the special treat to eat at Easter; decorating eggs is one of the oldest Easter custom one of history’s most lavish Easter tradition developed in late 19th century in Russia the members of high society they started giving eggs as Easter gift.

Easter Candy

For Americans, Easter is about sweet stuff is candy; they produce about 90 million chocolate bunnies and 16 million jelly beans in Easter year. Jelly beans were invented in 17 the century but become popular in 1930 as merchants pointed they look like mini Easter eggs, and parents prepare Easter baskets for their kids.


Easter forms its religious significance to popular customs; hence Easter is the most widely celebrated festival all over the world.

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