Krishna Janmashtami – History, Significance

The festival of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm, happiness, love, and true devotion. This festival is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and reverence as the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna.

Shri Krishna was born on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On the day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, all the temples are decorated very well with flower garlands and light.

Janmashtami festival is celebrated with full reverence and enthusiasm by Indians as well as foreigners living abroad.

There is also a law for fasting for the whole day on this festival; all the devotees of Shri Krishna keep a fast for them on Janmashtami. They decorate the temples of their homes, and the idol of Krishna with great love and with full devotion make prasad for them and worship them.

On Krishna Janmashtami, devotees decorate all the temples of Hindus and also the idols of Shri Krishna in a beautiful way and make their favorite food. They worship and sing bhajans, and tableaux also come out in the temples. On this day, some people dance and sing hymns like Krishna Radha and celebrate this festival with great love and joy.

It is also customary to break the pot of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, and on this day, many people form a team and break the pot of Makhan, which is very high. Krishna Janmashtami festival is full of enthusiasm, happiness, or devotion.

History of Krishna Janmashtami

There is a popular story related to Krishna Janmashtami that explains why we celebrate Krishna Janmashtami and why Lord Vishnu andWhy Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Shri Krishna.

A king named Kansa ruled in the city of Mathura and was extremely oppressive.

Krishna Janmashtami

Kansa had a sister Devaki and was married to Vasudev. After marriage, Kansa was taking his sister and brother-in-law Vasudev to her in-laws’ house. As soon as Kansa carried his chariot forward, only Akashvani said, “The eighth child of your sister whom you are carrying with so much love will cause your death.”

Hearing this, Kansa became very angry and started killing his brother-in-law Vasudev, then Vasudev promised this to Kansa to save his life. That he will hand over all his children to Kansa. Then Kansa put his sister and brother-in-law in his prison.

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After that, Kansa killed all the children of sister Devaki very brutally. While doing this, as soon as the eighth child was about to happen, he tightened his guard even more.

Then Devaki gave birth to Shri Krishna Bhagavan, then a god appeared and told him that a girl was born in Nanda village. Take that girl and leave this child, and all the doors will open, and the soldiers must have slept.

Vasudev started going to Nanda village with his child (Shri Krishna), and it started raining fast. The fast wind started blowing, but Vasudev just went forward to the nand village in Gokula.

Vasudev brought the young girl from him, and Bapas sat in the jail, and all were done as before, the doors were locked, the soldiers woke up. The girl was none other than Maya (Illusion), and when Kansa came to know, he came to kill Devaki’s eighth child. As soon as Kansa caught the girl, she released herself from her hand and went to AIR. And saying that someone who killed you has been born in Gokul.

Since then, Shri Krishna was raised in Gokul by Nandji and Yashoda Maiya. And on the day of his birth, there was a huge celebration in Gokul, and his birthday was celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Since then, the festival of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy as a celebration of the birth of Shri Krishna.

Significance of Krishna Janmashtami

The festival of Krishna Janmashtami is the most prominent and special festival of Hindus. This festival is celebrated with the same reverence and love in India as well as abroad.

The whole day is also very important for Shri Krishna Janmashtami; all his devotees keep fast and serve them on this festival all day and worship them with true love.

On the day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, Shri Krishna is decorated on this day with great enthusiasm and love in temples. His favorite bhajan is fed, and Krishna’s

birthday is celebrated with all the


There is also the practice of breaking the Dahi Handi or Makhan Handi on Sri Krishna Janmashtami. Dahi Handi is hung at a height, and teams of many people are formed and try to break the matki in turn. And the team that breaks the matka is rewarded.

And in this way, this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. In fact, this festival is a festival that gives an atmosphere of great enthusiasm, love, and happiness.

Why do we celebrate Krishna Janmashtami?

Sri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated because of Krishna’s birthday and to end all the atrocities of King Kansa of Mathura and all the negativity from there. And that’s

why Lord Vishnu incarnated Krishna on earth. And at the end, by killing the Kansa, Shri Krishna freed the state of Mathura from its atrocities.

Devaki and Vasudev became his parents and were raised by Maa Yashoda and Nanda. And on this day, his birthday in Gokul was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm; since then Janmashtami festival is celebrated as the birthday of Shri Krishna.

How do people celebrate Krishna Janmashtami?

The festival of Janmashtami is the most prominent festival of Hindus, and this day is celebrated in a very interesting and happy manner.

On the day of this festival, all Krishna devotees clean the house in the morning and decorate the house, and on this day, keep a fast and decorate the temple with flowers, garlands, and light.

And by wearing new clothes to the idol of Krishna, they wear garlands, flutes, peacock feathers, etc., and decorate them in a beautiful way. And with full love and devotion, they worship and serve them, and at twelve o’clock in the night, they swing them.

And then they worship him by singing their favorite hymns and singing Aarti, and after that, all the devotees break their fast.

So, in this way, this festival is celebrated with full love, devotion, and enthusiasm.

The festival of Krishna Janmashtami brings happiness everywhere and is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm.

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