Loi Krathong : History, significance & Why We Celebrate

The festival of Loi Krathong has been recently celebrated in the month of October and November. It is the festival mostly celebrated in regions like Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, some parts of China, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. This festival is celebrated every year in the province of Thailand and neighboring homeland peoples.

Meaning Of the word “Loi”

Now everyone must be wondering what is the actual meaning of the Loi Krathong according to the Tai cultures is generally referred to as a piece of banana trunk garnished with florets and of course with banana leaves even with some of the candles and incenses sticks as well. Where the word “Loi or Loy” in Thai means to the jetty(float) or we can say as a conclusion that Loi Krathong is to float banana trunks in water bodies.

The Time when it is celebrated

Loi Krathong happens on the night of the full moon of the twelfth month in the conventional Thai lunar schedule, hence the specific date of the celebration changes each year. In the Western schedule, this generally falls in the period of November. In Chiang Mai, the celebration endures three days, and in 2018, the dates were 21–23 November.


Fun Fact this festival Loi Krathong is celebrated from an era long about 6000 years ago in Thailand. This festival basically is about floating leaf cups.

Meaning of Krathong

The word Krathong from loi Krathong here the meaning of Krathong is a type of holder which is made to hold small things in it like the food and it is a very old method rather than the tradition of Thailand. like the Thai desert and other food items made. The banana floater is made with banana leaf or banana trunk. but modern days have changed their tradition a little bit like now the banana floater now contains some pieces of bread.

A bread Krathong will crumble following a couple of days and can be eaten by fish. Banana tail krathongs are additionally biodegradable, however, Styrofoam krathongs are progressively restricted, as they contaminate streams and seas. A Krathong is enriched with intricately collapsed banana leaves, three incense sticks, and a flame.

And even sometimes people also put some coins on the water bodies like rivers and lakes as a sacrifice in the river spirits. And finally, on the full moon day, the Thai people release their Krathong in the rivers, ponds, or even canals and make a wish for the sake that the water goddess will fulfill their need as done in the northern side of India for river Ganga.

Loi Krathong History, significance

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According to the history, these festival is made for lord buddha here the Krathong symbolizes that as we release the Krathong in the river we too release our anger, stress, hatred, and grudges for the people so as we can live a happy and soulful life with the people around them. As Lord Buddha is known as a symbol of light and people want their negative thoughts or past mistakes should be washed so they also put there trimmed nails and hairs also in Krathong.

The excellence challenges that go with the celebration are known as “Nopphamat Queen Contests”. As indicated by legend composed on the sonnet, Nang Nopphamat was a partner of the thirteenth century Sukhothai King Sri Indraditya (who is otherwise called Phra Ruang) and she supposedly was the first to glide a finished raft. However, this story may have been concocted in the mid-nineteenth century.

There is no proof that a Nang Nopphamat ever existed. All things considered, a lady of this name was the main character of a novel delivered toward the finish of the rule of King Rama III, around 1850 CE. Her character was composed as direction for all ladies who wished to become government employees.

Loi Krathong is conceivably begun from Angkor, not Sukhothai. At Bayon, a sanctuary worked by King Jayavarman VII in the twelfth century, there are portrayed scenes of Loi Krathong cut on the sanctuary. In view of that was helpful, on the upper level, there is a portrayal of a sovereign living on the boat to skim the Krathong in the stream through six other illustrious courtesans are portrayed beneath, some of which are holding the Krathong and devoting at the riverbank in a comparable convention rehearsed in present-day Cambodia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Loi Krathong History, significance & Why We Celebrate

As of late, it has been acknowledged that Loi Krathong in Thailand is the celebration blended and joined three significant social celebrations from Bondet Bratib of Khmer Empire, Water Lantern of China, and Diwali of India together.


The great bond of light and water can be seen during the festival of Loi Krathong is a tectonic rubberneck. here in this festival of loi Krathong people pay attention to the water goddess and pray to lord buddha.

the Loi Krathong is one of the largest festivals celebrated in Thailand. Thai country people always have their reasons for celebrations and at the same time for food as well and if there are a celebration and food then there will also be a party then. This is a very colorful and bright festival as you can see the brightness of the festival in the traditional clothes worn by women of Thailand.

There is more reason why we celebrate this festival because it marks the end of the monsoon season of the year.

It begins the festival of Loi Krathong is lights and colors as said early that they pray to the water goddess they even decorate their boats and take it into the rivers and they thank their water bodies that it has provided them with water for everything so for this they pray to the water and also they ask forgiveness for the pollution they might have caused to the water.

Each light has a chance, memory, or wish joined to it as it makes it route down whatever waterway it winds upon. That is the fundamental thought of the whole celebration: it is a fresh start of sorts. Thais and outsiders taking an interest in the celebration let go of whatever their mishaps are and let the water divert them downstream and for good.

Consuming incense and lit candles cover the highest points of the Krathong, which are the roundabout articles, generally made of banana leaves and blossoms, coasting down the stream. Loy signifies ‘to drift.’ It is unquestionably an astonishing sight to watch a large number of lit banana-leaf boats glide down streams everywhere in the nation.

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