Madhvacharya Jayanti – History and Significance

Madhvacharya is one of the greatest and famous philosophers in the history of our country India. Madhvacharya Jayanti is celebrated with great respect and devotion by all Hindus. At the time of Bhaktikal, Madhvacharya had created many famous philosophies. Madhvacharya is also known by other names which is Purna Pragya and Anandatirtha. Madhvacharya is remembered with great respect and devotion by all Hindu people and every year Madhvacharya Jayanti is celebrated all over India.

Madhvacharya was born in 1238 and it is believed that Madhvacharya was born on the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami. Madhvacharya was born on the Ashwin Shukla Paksha of Dashami Tithi and Madhvacharya did a lot of great work and also created famous philosophies and inspired everyone with great works.

Madhvacharya had described it in his own philosophies and he believed that Lord Vishnu is the creator of the world. And in his own philosophies, Madhvacharya has called Lord Vishnu as Brahma. That is why Madhavacharya is remembered with great respect and even today Madhvacharya Jayanti is celebrated in our India country.

Many philosophies of Madhvacharya were famous in our India and they were also the promoters of elementalism. And elementalism is also known throughout India by the name of dualism and was also famous by this name. Dualism is one of the major philosophies of our Vedanta and Vedanta has three very prominent philosophies, including dualism. Madhwacharya had created many such prominent philosophies.

It was believed by all Hindus in our India that Madhavacharya was the third incarnation of Vayu Dev. There are three avatars of Vayu Dev, including Madhavacharya and the other two avatars were Lord Hanuman and Bhima. And Lord Hanuman was the first and foremost incarnation of Vayu Dev, Bhima the second and Madhvacharya the third and last.

Madhavacharya is also included in the great people of the history of our India. That is why till today Madhavacharya Jayanti is celebrated with great respect by all Hindus in India. It is also said that Madhvacharya’s childhood name was Vasudev. The doctrine of dualism of Madhavacharya was accepted by the people of Hindu Vaishnavism.

According to the Gregorian calendar, Madhavacharya Jayanti falls in the month of October every year. Madhvacharya Jayanti is celebrated with great happiness and devotion and this auspicious day is dedicated to Madhavacharya with great enthusiasm in India. And With great respect, Madhavacharya is remembered by Hindus all over India and his philosophies are also remembered.

Madhvacharya Jayanti - History

History of Madhvacharya Jayanti

According to the ancient history and beliefs of India, there are many facts related to Madhavacharya’s life and his birth anniversary. And the history of his birthday is also known by the people and Madhavacharya did many great things in his life. Due to which, even today, all Hindus celebrate Madhavacharya Jayanti throughout India.

Madhvacharya was born in 1238 in a village named Pajak at a place named Udupi in South Kannada district. Madhvacharya was born in a Telugu Vaishnav Brahmin family. Madhvacharya’s father’s name was Madhyagah and mother’s name was Vedavati. Madhvacharya was interested in Vedas and Vedangas since childhood and that’s why Madhvacharya also has very good knowledge of Vedas and Vedangas.

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The most famous theory was also given by Madhvacharya whose name was dualism. Madhavacharya Jayanti is celebrated every year in the month of October. According to Hindu beliefs, Madhvacharya Jayanti was born on the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami.

According to the ancient beliefs of the old people, it is believed that many names of Madhavacharya were famous and known by all the people. During his childhood, Madhvacharya’s father used to be fondly called Madhvacharya as Vasudev. And as a teenager, Madhavacharya was known as Purnapragya and People became known by the name of Anandatheertha when he became the chief Mahant of the Matha. Madhvacharya took renunciation in his teens and started learning and gaining knowledge about Veda and Venangas at a very early age.

Madhvacharya entered a Matha based on the ‘Principle of Monotheism’ in Gujarat and then Swami Achyutaya Pragya became the master of Madhvacharya and started the education of Monotheism in that Matha. And Madhvacharya did not agree with the principle of monotheism and that is why Madhvacharya was sometimes debated with his Guru Achyuta Pragya.

The principle of Monotheism was told  that the soul (Aatma) and God (Parmatma) are one, and Madhavacharya disagreed for that statement and for the principle of Monotheism. After that Madhvacharya started learning more about the principle of dualism.

Madhvacharya studied a lot about dualism in Matha and after this Madhvacharya formulated the theory of dualism. Madhavacharya was also a very good knower of Vedas and Vedangas and Madhvacharya was also a very popular promoter of Elementalism that is also famous by the name of Dualism.

Madhvacharya described the soul and the divine separately in the doctrine of dualism and he had explained the principle of dualism very well. Madhvacharya also established Dualism Matha and established eight Matha in Udupi and These matha of Madhavacharya are known as ‘Madhav Matha’ in India by all the people. Anantathiswara Krishna Hindu Temple is placed in between these eight matha in Udupi.

Madhavacharya’s Matha’s name is as follows – Palimaru Matha, Adamaru Matha, Krishnapura Matha, Puttige Matha, Shirur Matha, Shodhe Matha, Kaniyooru Matha and Pejavara Matha. Madhwacharya did many great things in his life and was a very good philosopher. Madhvacharya Jayanti is celebrated with great pride and respect in our country of India by all the Hindu people.

Significance of Madhvacharya Jayanti

The significance of Madhvacharya Jayanti is very prominent and special for all the Hindu people in our whole India. Madhvacharya is one of the very great and famous people in the history of our India. Madhavacharya’s whole life teaches us a lot of good things and also motivates all people to do good things in life.

Madhavacharya was a very good philosopher as well as a very great person who taught us a lot. Madhavacharya used to teach a lot to his disciples by becoming a guru and his disciples names were Jayatirtha, Vyasatirtha, Vadiraj Tirtha and Raghavendra Tirtha. That is why Madhavacharya Jayanti is celebrated every year with great respect by all Hindus.

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