Sonepur Mela: History, significance & Why We Celebrate

Sonepur Mela is celebrated every year in Sonpur, Bihar, with great pomp, and animals are of great importance in this fair. Sonepur Mela in Bihar comes on Kartik Purnima (November – December) every year. And it is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Bihar.

India is a country of festivals, and here every festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, love, and traditional way.

Sonepur Mela is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Bihar every year, and animals are given recognition in this fair every year with great pomp.

The Sonepur fair runs for one month and is celebrated in very religious and traditional ways. This fair is very famous for the sale and purchase of animals. And according to Hindus’ tradition, the sale and purchase of pets in this fair are also very enthusiastic. All animals are specially identified in this fair. And animals are purchased in this fair at a very good price.

According to the Hindu calendar, this fair in Patna Bihar takes place on the day of Kartik Purnima, and this fair starts after the Ganges bath. And Sonepur fair is also considered to be Asia’s most famous and big cattle fair. A large number of people from Asia come and enjoy the Sonepur fair.

In the Sonepur fair, the sale and purchase of horses, elephants, and bulls are mainly done in large quantities, and other pets are also sold for sale. Various types of plays and dance performances are also organized in this fair. Millions of people throng to see all the events of Sonepur Mela and enjoy it.

Sonepur Fair is also known as “Harihar Chaitra fair.” Because the Sonepur fair is held in Harihar area of ​​Bihar, people of Bihar and local people also call this fair ‘Chhatra Mela.’ And the Sonepur fair is organized by people of India and foreign people, and they come to see this fair and enjoy it and do shopping. Sonepur fair grand event attracts everyone to see this fair.

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Many foreigners also come to see this fair and also shop for pets. The Sonepur fair is decorated very beautifully every year. And with great enthusiasm, the animals are auctioned, and many people come to this fair to purchase animals. And many business people buy animals from here at a good price. This fair’s specialty is that everyone here sees a lot of animals and enjoys many types of food, and does a lot of shopping from this fair.

Sonepur Mela History

History of Sonepur Mela

According to the ancient Puranas of Hindus, there are many beliefs about Sonepur fair, and also a popular story is that –

Once Lord Vishnu had two devotees named Jai and Vijay. Once, both of them got cursed, and both of them were born on earth as an elephant and crocodile. One day an elephant came to drink water on the shore of Kohara. The crocodile was there, and the crocodile grabbed the elephant with its jaws. The elephant tried to redeem itself, but after passing too much time, the elephant failed to redeem itself from the crocodile.

Then the elephant prayed for Lord Vishnu with full devotion. Then Bhagwan Vishnu presented there, and with the Sudarsana Chakra, Lord Vishnu freed the elephant from the crocodile and saved the elephant’s life.

Seeing this whole incident, all the gods present there shouted praises to Lord Vishnu. And on the day Bhagwan Vishnu appeared here and all this incident took place, it was ‘Kartik Purnima‘ day.

And after this incident, it was believed that both elephants and crocodiles became friends from this day. And after this, a temple of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu was built there, due to which the place was named ‘Harihar Cheetara.’ Because ‘Hari’ means Lord Vishnu and ‘Har’ means Lord Shiva.

Sonepur Fair has been held since ancient times, and this fair is filled with lots of happiness over the years; and animals are also auctioned with great enthusiasm. At this fair, people from countries like Afghan, Iraq, and Iran also used to come to shop for different animals like elephants, horses, etc. And even today, people from abroad come to enjoy this fair and to purchase animals and pets.

And there is also a belief that people like Chandragupta Maurya, Kunwar Singh, Mughal Emperor Akbar also bought elephants, horses, and many animals from this fair. Therefore, the Sonepur fair is very ancient and famous. And since ancient times, this fair is organized with great enthusiasm.

Significance of Sonepur Mela

According to Hindus, the Sonepur fair is very significant and also very famous all over the world. According to the Hindu religion, bathing the Ganges at this place on Kartik Purnima day is considered very auspicious. And every year, the Sonepur fair is organized with great enthusiasm, and it starts from the day of Kartik Purnima and lasts for 1 month.

According to Hinduism’s mythology, it is also believed that Lord Ram also came here in place of Sonepur fair. And here, he also worshiped ‘Baba Hariharanath.’ Therefore, in the Sonepur fair, Hariharanath is very religiously worshiped with great devotion and love.

Sonepur fair has been very popular since ancient times and is still celebrated every year with great enthusiasm. According to the religious beliefs of the Hindus, this fair is of great importance, and many ancient stories are also related to its history.

There is also an ancient story associated with Sikh Texts of this place. It is said that Guru Nanak also came here. And according to the belief of Buddhism, Lord Buddha passed through here in his last time.

That is why the Sonepur fair has great importance according to every religion, and similarly, this fair is also very popular. Many people come from far and wide to attend this fair and worship God ‘Hariharanath’ with great devotion. And enjoy the grand event of this fair and also do a lot of shopping.

So, the Sonepur fair is associated with India’s religious traditions; hence, this fair is organized every year with great devotion. Along with India, people from outside the country are also attracted by the organization of this fair and come to India to see this fair.

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