Ugadi Festival – History, Significance & Why we celebrate

The festival of Ugadi is celebrated as New Year by Hindus all over India.  Ugadi festival is a very prominent and popular festival which is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in South India. The festival of Ugadi is celebrated especially by all people with full devotion.

The festival of Ugadi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy, especially in Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Assam, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh. According to the belief of all Hindus all over India, the New Year festival is celebrated as this festival.

The festival of Ugadi is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra month (April), in the states of eastern India, this festival is celebrated with great pomp in a very religious way. This festival is very special for the farmers as spring arrives during the Ugadi festival.

Ugadi festival is special in Maharashtra; this festival is also known as Gudi Padwa. According to the Hindu religion, it is also desirable that the day of this festival is very auspicious and any auspicious work or starting a new business from this day is auspicious and very good.

According to the wishes of the Hindus, the new year is celebrated on the festival of Ugadi, whereas in the whole world, according to the Gregorone calendar, the new year is celebrated on 1 January.

In Preparation for the Ugadi festival, everyone starts cleaning and decorating their houses many days in advance. On this day, everyone celebrates this festival with great pomp and enthusiasm with their entire family.

The festival of Ugadi teaches everyone courage and bravery on this day. On the day of this festival, all the people do special preparations and decorations. All make rangoli in their homes. All are decorated with mango leaves at the entrance of their houses.

Ugadi Festival Significance

History of Ugadi Festival

The festival of Ugadi is a festival celebrated with great pomp as the beginning of New year in some particular states of South India.

There are some famous mythological stories related to the celebration of the Ugadi festival as a New Year. Some of are –

According to the ancient scriptures of the Hindus, it is said that Lord Brahma created the entire universe on this day.

With this belief, we celebrate this day as New Year, and it is called Ugadi Festival.

There is also a mythological story behind the Ugadi festival.

Once there was a demon named Sambhabakasura. One day this demon stole the Vedas of Lord Brahma and hid in the sea. When Lord Vishnu came to know that a monster had stolen the Vedas of Lord Brahma.

Then Lord Vishnu took the form of Matsya and fought that monster by going under the sea. And strangled that monster with his Chakra and killed him. And bringing the Vedas back, he gave it to Lord Brahma.

Ugadi Festival - History

And all this incident happened on the first day of Chaitra month. Lord Brahma got the Vedas back and created the entire universe on this day. Therefore, celebrating this New Year festival on this day as Ugadi festival.

The Ugadi festival has been celebrated since very ancient times, and it is also said that during the Mahabharata, this festival was also celebrated. This festival is celebrated in places like Kerala, Maharashtra, Assam, Punjab, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh. And this festival is called by different names in different places like Baisakhi in Punjab, Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, etc. Similarly, the Ugadi festival in different states is called by different names.

And in all places, celebrate it in different ways. This festival brings happiness to everyone’s life and Also brings the hope of starting a new way of life.

And according to the belief of Hindus,  Bhagavan Brahma created the whole creation, and our one year on earth is equal to one day for Bhagavan Brahma. Therefore, when we begin the auspicious year of a new year, then Lord Brahma starts a new day.

And there is also a legend that when Lord Shiva cursed Lord Brahma that he would not be worshiped. But after that, the Ugadi festival in Andhra Pradesh has worshiped especially by Lord Brahma, and this day is dedicated to them.

And according to all Hindu scriptures, it is also believed that on this day, the coronation of Bhagwan Ram was also done, so this festival is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm every year on the day of Ugadi Festival.

That’s why, till today, we celebrate the Ugadi festival with great enthusiasm and happiness with all the popular stories of ancient times.

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Significance of Ugadi Festival

Ugadi festival is a very popular and important festival of South India. The festivities of this festival are done with great enthusiasm and happiness. This festival is as big as the big festivals of Hindus like Holi, Diwali.

The importance of the Ugadi festival is very much in states like Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Assam. At these places, this festival is celebrated with full devotion and love with the whole family.

The importance of the Ugadi festival is also very much for the farmers. Because during the month of Chaitra, there is also the arrival of the spring season. And at the same time, the crop of farmers is very good. Therefore, this festival is celebrated in the homes of farmers with joy.

This is also the recognition of Ugadi festival day that Ugadi festival i.e., the first day of Chaitra month, is very auspicious for all the people. It is very auspicious to start any new work or start a new business on this day. That’s why many people do their new and auspicious works on this day.

Why we celebrate Ugadi Festival

This festival is a big, and very important festival celebrated in many states of South India. And is celebrated with great love and enthusiasm.

According to Hindu scriptures, this festival is celebrated as New Year Celebration. And according to many popular stories, everyone celebrates this day with great pomp.

We celebrate this festival because on this day, Lord Brahma created the universe. Therefore, this day is celebrated as New Year by all Hindus.

According to the mythology of the Hindus, on this day, only Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Matsya. And gave the Vedas to Lord Brahma.

And there is also a belief that on this day, the coronation of Lord Rama took place, so this day is celebrated as a festival with great pomp and happiness.

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