Uttarayan Festival – History and Significance

Uttarayan festival is celebrated very prominently by all Hindus all over India. The country of India is called a country of festivals because there are many festivals celebrated by people of all religions. Every year, on the date of  14 or 15 in January is celebrated throughout India and all the people in India celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm, happiness and love.

The festival of Uttarayan is also one of the important festivals and is also celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness by all people in India. The festival of Uttarayan is known by different names in different places in India and celebrated by all the Hindu people in India with great pomp and happiness.

The festival of Uttarayan is also known as the festival of kites and every year on this festival, everyone celebrates the celebration of this day by flying a lot of kites with great enthusiasm and happiness. The festival of Uttarayan is celebrated on the next day after Lohri festival of Punjbian in India.

This festival of Uttarayan is also known as Makar Sankranti throughout India. This festival is known in India by other names. In Tamil Nadu this festival is known as Pongal and this festival is very popular in Gujarat as the name of Uttarayan but the most popular name of this festival is Makar Sankranti.

This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness every year by all Hindu people all over India. To celebrate the celebration of this festival, all the Hindu people prepare for this festival in their homes with great enthusiasm. During the day people make khichdi in food and distribute it among all people.

Everyone celebrates Uttarayan very happily by making many other good dishes and wearing nice clothes and donating food and clothes also on this auspicious day. This festival is considered a very special and auspicious festival for Hindus.

Uttarayan Festival - History

History of Uttarayan Festival

On the festival of Uttarayan, flying kites and celebrating with great enthusiasm is very prominent and It is very important to know the history behind celebrating this festival with so much enthusiasm and happiness.

This festival of Uttarayan is very auspicious and special. According to the beliefs of Hindus, this festival is therefore considered very auspicious because the God Sun enters in  the Capricorn on this festival day. When the Lord Sun enters in any Zodiac then it is called Sankranti.

So, the Sun enters Capricorn on this festival  therefore, this festival is also known as Makar Sankranti all over India. The weather also changes after the festival of Uttarayan and the very pleasant weather happens on this festival day and the whole sky also looks very clean and beautiful.

The sun enters twelve zodiac signs in each and every twelve months respectively and this entry of sun is called Sankranti. But this Sankranti of January is considered very auspicious and special by all the Hindu people all over India. This is the first and most auspicious festival of the beginning of the year and everyone celebrates this festival with great pleasure.

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On the day of Uttarayan, this Sankranti of January is very important and the Uttarayan movement of the sun begins from this day. The movement of Uttarayan means that the sun god moves from east to north from this day and this movement of Sun God is considered very auspicious according to ancient beliefs of Hindus. Due to this auspicious movement of the Sun God, this festival in Gujarat is called Uttarayan Festival.

Flying kites is very popular in this festival therefore, kites are flying on this festival with great enthusiasm and happiness and many different kinds of kites are seen in the sky on this day. In Gujarat, many competitions are also organized for kites at the entire international level and all the people all over India celebrate this Uttarayan festival.

The special importance of kites is also very special on this festival and it is very important for all of us to know why kites have such special importance on this festival. Many thousands of years ago kite flying was started in China and two people named Moji and Lu Ban invented the kites.

Long time ago kites were used for the intensity and communication of the air and as a rescue mission message. After some time, the craze of flying kites started spreading and it was also flown in all countries and everyone started flying kites for fun. Kites are flown in many countries like India, Germany, America and all these places and different festivals of all countries are organized to fly kites.

There is a country called Chile, where kites are specially flown on their country’s Independence Day Also, in Japan, the festival of kites is celebrated in the month of May to pleased the deity. And in this way, a festival of flying kites is organized in different countries on different occasions globally. In our country India, kites flying is celebrated on Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan festival and Independence Day.

Significance of Uttarayan Festival

The significance of Uttarayan festival in India is very prominent and special for all the Hindus. It is considered the first and most auspicious festival of Hindus since the beginning of the new year. And this Uttarayan festival is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm, happiness and love among themselves.

All people go to the holy river on this day and worship the sun god and for doing some auspicious work, all the hindus consider this day very auspicious and special. The festival of Uttarayan is also celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy in Gujarat and very unique and beautiful kites are prepared and people who buy all those kites and celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm and happiness.

In this way, the festival of Uttarayan is celebrated with great enthusiasm and in a very unique way all over India. Donating food on this day is also considered auspicious. The most special dish of Uttarayan festival is ‘Khichdi’ which is cooked in every house on this day and this festival is celebrated by sharing great love and happiness with everyone.

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