Valentine Day- History, Significance & Why We Celebrate

February is known as Valentine Week, but everyone asks why we celebrate Valentine Day, the history of Valentine’s day, and the Significance of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February all over the world. This day is also known by different names like Saint Valentine’s Day or The Feast Of Saint Valentine. This festival is mainly considered the festival of Christian, but nowadays it is celebrated by all religions and people of all age groups. The date of Valentine day is fixed by the western orthodox church.

People all over the world known this day as the day of love. Where people show love towards their loved one by exchanging gifts, sending greeting cards, and also by date, modern valentine’s day is celebrated with sharing love between couples, and all over the world, people are roaming around in eateries and restaurants, and they are celebrating the great years of togetherness.

Valentine Week

Valentine week means the air itself has the flavor of love where the word love can be defined as the feeling of affection and warmth between the two people. But at the same time, there should be a lot of respect for each other, should be supportive in hard and good times.

Now the mean Valentine is that for someone whether girl or boy or man and women. Someone who is very close to you and your heart .whom with you sees your next 50years of life. as rightly said, “Shaadi is daal chawal for pachaas saal till you die.”

And that what valentine week is all about that in this fast-moving life of us there is valentine week has been made so that we can accordingly spare some time with the one whom we love very madly and who is very important to us.

Valentine Day- History, Significance

Valentine is not a one-day festival

But one thing is there that it’s ok to celebrate just one day with your love but it does mean that love is not there for the rest 364 days of the years.

Most genuine couples are straight-up acceptable at affection, and they would need to be, to remain together for an all-encompassing timeframe. What’s more, long haul couples don’t have to observe Valentine’s Day to approve their bond, since Valentine Day is only a day as said in the line above.

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Valentine Week Celebrations

Valentine’s Day can be an unimaginably costly occasion to celebrate. Purchasing costly adornments, blossoms, and feasting at a pleasant eatery probably won’t support your relationship and could even damage it. Valentine Day leaves individuals involved with unthinkable desires and forgets about single individuals.

History Of Valentine Day

On the Auspicious day of 14th February, a Priest in the Christian named Valentine thousands of years back.

Exactly the history or the real story of celebrating valentine day is unknown to everyone. As there are two stories related to the holiday of valentine’s day. There is a contribution of both the Christian and the Roman tradition for the celebration of Valentine Day.

The holiday on this day is mainly linked to the Roman festival of Lupercalia, where they celebrate fertility. After the rise of Christianity in Europe, the holiday is renamed for the Christian martyrs. Lupercalia festival is celebrated on the 15th of February every year. Then, We take the year of 496 AD, In that year. Lupercalia festival came to an end, and the significance and celebration of this festival came to an end. The day is known for the Christian Feast, and the day shifts from 15th to 14th of February and known as the feast day on honor Saint Valentine.

The history is linked with the three priests, who all are named Valentine. One priest was lived in Rome, and another was a Bishop in Terni. The history of the third one is unknown. The common story behind all the three is that all three are martyred on the 14th of February.

Valentine Week Significance

This is not the single historical story related to Valentine day. Most scholars believe that St.Valentine is the priest in Rome around 270 AD, and there was a Ruler in Rome, Claudius 2nd, who was ruling at that time. The priest disfavored the Ruler of Rome, and then the ruler sentenced him to death.

There are two versions of St. Valentine’s story like one is about the Protestant, and another is a Catholic one. During 270 AD, Claudius 2nd prohibited the marriage of young men, and the priest Valentine was against this policy. He arranged secret ceremonies for the soldiers of the communities.

In 270 AD, The Roman Empire work came to an end. At the time of the Roman empire, they increase their taxation, the education system declined, and the trading system declined. Roman empire starts facing the crisis from all sides. The country is in internal chaos and surrounded by external aggression. Therefore, the country needs great and strong soldiers.

They need more capable men as soldiers and officers so that they take over their nation. When Claudius became the emperor of the country, he thinks that the men who are married are more emotionally attached to their families as compared to the unmarried men, and they are not capable of being called a Good Soldier.

Therefore, Claudius second prohibited the marriage of men for the good quality assurance of Soldiers. The prohibition of marriage for men is shocking news for all the Roman people, but they cannot protest this policy. But St.Valentine understands the perspective of the People, and they realized the injustice done to these young people who wanted to unite with the institution of marriage.

Therefore, he started to marriage the couples in secrecy. The couples who wanted to marry and wanted to United together, they first went to St.Valentine(Bishop), then they decided to marry them but in secret. But, after some time, these things came to an end. Claudius knows about the things that bishop do behind their back, and then he arrested him. He also called Bishop the “Friends of the Lovers.”

Valentine was sent to prison and was waiting was his sentence. Valentine was famous because of his saintly abilities. Once after this, Claudius met Valentine and was impressed by Valentine. But, the valentine was not in support of Claudius regarding the prohibition of the marriage of young men. The emperor gave Valentine a chance to convert into Roman gods, but he rejected his proposal.

This made Claudius angry and gave orders for the execution of the Valentine. Valentine also helped the daughter of Asterius, who was the jailor of the prison. This builds a great friendship between Asterius’s daughter and Valentine. Valentine wrote one beautiful message before his death; he said, give me a pen and paper and then write one  beautiful message starting as “From your Valentine.”

Valentine Day- History

This phrase becomes very famous after that and even exist in the present times. The Valentine execution was held on the 14th February,270 AD. The Love of the Valentine for the Daughter of jailor makes this day the day of celebrating all over the world. This day is for all lovers, and Valentine becomes his patron saint.

All people are sending the greetings with Valentine’s names, and after the end of the Roman Empire, Christianity came into existence, and the day is called St.Valentine Day.

Valentine Week Significance

Valentine Week contains 7 days:

Rose day: Valentine week first day is Rose Day is an approach to show your warmth for individuals in your day to day existence – sweethearts or companions – by giving them a rose. Roses aren’t simply restricted to the positive connections in your day to day existence. Rose Day is likewise a decent day to forget about the past and fix up any aggression you have with somebody.

Propose day: Valentine week second day is Propose Day is commended on 8 February as a day to propose to your better half, huge quantities of youngsters offer roses to propose to their imminent sweetheart or beau. It is the second day of Valentine’s week, which is praised on 14 February.

Chocolate day: The third day of Valentine week points to the day where you can communicate through the best mode – chocolates. ninth February Chocolate Day is perhaps the greatest day in the week and thus makes an exceptional spot in the seven day stretch of adoration.

Teddy day: Valentine week fourth day is teddy’s day. It is praised by gifting a charming teddy that is representative of the affection/relationship of two people. It is accepted that the day gets its name from US President, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt after a charming little teddy was intended to respect his choice of not killing a creature during one of his chasing trips.

Promise day: Valentine week fifth day promises or guarantee Day denotes a critical day in Valentine’s week as it praises a promise to February, three days before Valentine’s greatly anticipated Day. A dedication holds incredible noteworthiness in each relationship, which implies trustworthiness and worries for our adored one.

Embrace day: Valentine week sixth day is a hug or Embrace Day is the most significant on the grounds that it is a close articulation of adoration for your accomplice. Science says that when you embrace your loved one, your cerebrum produces glad hormones, particularly oxytocin.

Kiss day: Valentine week last or seventh day is Kiss Day is a significant day in the week-long festival going before Valentine Day on the grounds that a kiss can communicate your sentiments in a superior and more sentimental manner than any words could.:

The significance of this day marks by the feast of Saint Valentine as Saint Valentine is known as the patron of love, and this also celebrates love and affection. As mentioned above, there are many stories related to this day, so we cannot define the unique significance of this day. Valentine day is celebrated with different celebration styles in different countries like in Pakistan; people expressed it through poetry.


Nowadays, All over the world people are celebrating this valentine day with a celebration for the whole week. And known as Valentine week. They exchange chocolates, gifts, flowers, and other things that make them happy and symbolize Love. Some also said that the mating season of the birds is in Mid-February. Therefore, they also symbolize this day with love.

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