World AIDS Day – History, Significance & Why We Celebrated

World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on 1 December. First World AIDS Day was celebrated in 1988. And after that gradually the awareness of World AIDS Day increased in the whole world. And this day was celebrated all over the world for the awareness of true knowledge of AIDS disease.

Every year on World AIDS Day, a campaign called the names of different subjects is organized so that people all over the world participate in this campaign. And the correct information about this AIDS disease can be found all over the world.

WHO (World Health Organization) first started World AIDS Day all over the world. And a few years after this beginning, in 1996, the United Nations collaborated to promote HIV / AIDS worldwide and took up this task. And then, in 1997, AIDS campaigns were conducted all over the world and complete education of AIDS / HIV and awareness was also started to spread so that people of the world are aware of World AIDS Day and everyone can get the right education of AIDS.

That is why since the year 1997, awareness of this World AIDS Day came into effect in the world. And from then on everyone started slowly taking information about it And with the awareness of this World AIDS Day to each other, everyone started sharing its precautions. And till now many people take part in the World AIDS Day campaign every year so that they can help people suffering from this disease.

World AIDS Day - History

Meaning of World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is a day that is celebrated every year to spread awareness of an epidemic called AIDS throughout the world.

AIDS is the full name of ‘Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome’ and this disease is also called HIV. Because it is caused by the infection of a virus called HIV and this disease has taken the form of a growing epidemic.

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History of World AIDS Day 

AIDS is a disease that has taken the form of an epidemic in no time and this disease is caused by people coming under the infection of a virus called HIV. So how doctors and people came to know about this disease, there is a history behind it.

It was in 1959 when the first case of AIDS came in the Congo of Africa and due to the doctors not knowing about this disease, that person was dead.

And for his blood tests and other tests done by doctors and after its research, it came out that it is a disease called ‘AIDS’.

After this, in the year 1980, this disease started in lakhs of people and many people also died of this disease.  Which led to the disease as an epidemic.

Initially, World AIDS Day was celebrated only for children and youth. But later, after getting the right and complete education about AIDS, it was found out that AIDS disease can happen to a person of all ages.

In the early days, people did not know much about World AIDS Day. And due to the death of a lot of people, people started fearing the disease after assuming the wrong facts. But this was not a solution. Defend yourself with the right information and all the precautions necessary for a proper solution is the correct way to be safe from AIDS / HIV.

Therefore every year World AIDS Day started to be celebrated all over the world and then due to this day people started getting their right education and many campaigns also started every year for the awareness of AIDS.

So now every year awareness of AIDS is given to everyone with a new theme and slogan. In the same way, after 1996, the impact of World AIDS Day started to show that people and people started joining the campaign every year.

World AIDS Day - Significance

Importance of World AIDS Day

HIV / AIDS is a disease that affects people worldwide and more than 35 million people worldwide have died from this virus. Therefore, it is a disease that makes people very weak and reduces the resistance of the body.

Therefore, on World AIDS Day day around the world, people should be educated about this disease and to avoid this virus, this day is very important to take all precautions.

The importance of World AIDS Day is very much all over the world and is celebrated every 1 December. It is very important for all people of the whole world to know that Everybody and the whole world should remember that they continue to raise money for AIDS and help people with awareness about it and people suffering from AIDS. Therefore, World AIDS Day is decided every year with a new campaign.

Importance of Red Ribbon on World AIDS Day

A theme is kept on World AIDS Day and it is followed on this day all over the world. People wear red ribbon on World AIDS Day and wearing red ribbon means that they are all wearing this ribbon and expressing their feelings towards people suffering from AIDS disease and to increase the awareness of this disease to the right awareness, it is worthwhile and raising funds to help them.

Likewise, many people wear red ribbons every year and go on to help people with great happiness. And due to having the right information, they also keep themselves safe.

 The Purpose of World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is celebrated every year with new campaigns, new messages and slogans and its purpose is like this as given below-

  • On this day, correct information of HIV / AIDS and all precautions can be conveyed to people.
  • Some competitions are held for AIDS So that every student of all schools, colleges, institutes and universities get correct information about World AIDS Day. And they should be made aware of this disease called AIDS so that they can help all the people suffering from this disease.
  • People should be educated about all the things related to this disease called AIDS, so that they can save themselves from this disease.
  • All people should be made aware to use all precautions and control measures for infection of this disease through World AIDS Day.

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